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Ryan Shamrock is totally into fighting

Just read an interview with Ken Shamrock’s son Ryan. And the winner of the “Most likely to come out of the closet in two years” award goes to… What got you into fighting? You were in culinary school?

Ryan Shamrock: “Yeah I was in culinary school. But I just couldn’t get away from fighting no matter what. I guess it’s just in my blood. It’s something I guess I just had to do.”

Jeez, Ryan sounds REALLY EAGER TO FIGHT. I guess.

  • Fightlinker Jackal

    Nothing wrong with culinary school perse. However, there’s plenty of things wrong with Ryan Shamrock thinking he’s a warrior. Unless they create a special 105lb weight class for him and put him up against scarecrows.

  • Lifer

    “I keep asking my daddy for the HGH but he says not til I’m older!”

  • Captain

    Well I’m sure Josh Thompson will welcome him into the club when the time comes.

  • Dru Down

    Weird- he looks more like Frank than Ken…just sayin…

  • dulljake

    he’s too light even to fight Roxy…

  • Lifer

    Dru – frank and ken arent even biological brothers. they were both adopted by the same guy. freaky huh? check it out if you dont believe me!

  • Lifer

    actually the kid looks more like Dean Lister’s than a SHamrock! SCANDALLLLLLL!!!

  • Accomando

    He must not have learned much at culinary school cause he looks anorexic, you would think he would be able to cook himself up some shit he could eat to make him put on some weight.

    He would need the MMA equivalent of a Straw-weight class

  • kentyman

    Sounds like Ken’s wife might’ve had a nighttime visit from The Boogeyman.

  • Wu Tang

    THIS IS FRANK SHAMROCKS NEPHEW? WTF? Wow, daddy ken isnt doing hisjob, let frank beat this kid up so he can go flip big macs at taco bell!

  • falkofire

    uuuh… sorry there Fightlinker… but bas Rutten is a Chef by trade… he went to culinary school… he gradded though I believe.

  • Dangerfield

    WAR High Metabolism

  • Amy Robinson

    Ryan has a kid, I believe, so there goes your theory.

    Search him on myspace, he has a picture up.

  • ruggertenthousand

    Hey he looks more like Tito’s kid doesn’t he?

  • ruggertenthousand

    There looking for a washed up jockey to fight him at his weight class.