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Saki crushes Ghita at Glory 6 Istanbul

Gokhan Saki needed a 4-round decision to beat Daniel Ghita back in 2010, but it sure didn’t go that long today.  The first round was fairly even, though the smaller Saki’s speed advantage was readily apparent.  He began landing heavy shots early in the second round, and knocked Ghita down at the 2-minute mark with a 12-punch flurry, then instantly re-dropped him with only two more.  When Ghita regained his feet again, Saki pounced and quickly landed enough leather to make the ref step in and rescue Ghita.

With such an impressive win, Saki now seems the top contender for Semmy Schilt’s title, and will likely get that shot before Tyrone Spong, despite having lost a decision to Schilt only one fight ago.  But that was in a grand prix tourney, so I guess it doesn’t count.  As for Ghita, I notice he and Spong have never fought before…

[gif by ZombieProphet, via Bloody Elbow]

Updated with new vid link, sorry about the audio.

  • Dooks

    When did Matt Hoffman start fighting MMA?

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    That fight was soooo hot. I wonder if it was a rib or his arm that was hurt by the first knockdown.

    I love watching Saki work. Damn.