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Sam Caplan was on Inside MMA

Shit, it’s HDNet day here at Fightlinker. All stories relating to HDNet, all day! I should make Mark Cuban cut me a check or something. For this bit of HDNet news, we have our favorite whipping boy Sam Caplan from Five Ounces of Pain on this week’s Inside MMA show. Overall it was relatively entertaining, but I think they really need to tighten the show’s format. Do a news desk, then do a roundtable. Don’t try to mix all that shit together, it just felt like a bad MMA version of Entertainment Tonight.

One quote of interest from Sam during the show was his opinion on Rio Heroes:

I have a major problem with it, it takes MMA back to the dark ages, you know. MMA for so long was socially unacceptable and now you’re going back to that ruleset … it’s not good for the sport.

While I’m glad to hear that Sam shares my feeling on this subject, I’m a bit surprised. As we mentioned on Friday, Five Ounces of pain is a Rio Heroes affiliate … while they didn’t run banners for Rio Heroes, they did link back to the show with an affiliate URL in order to make money.

I’m interested to know if this is just the result of Sam not knowing what his writers are up to or if this is another case where he’s trying to ‘keep it real’ while selling out via the backdoor.

  • igorpunck

    seriously, the goatee must go.

  • RoB

    I was wondering when you were going to call him on it. that two timing sun of a gun. my favorite part though was when Sam called out Karo (the god of mma) about ducking a fight with fitch. it made me laugh

  • Jackie Chiles

    Caplan v. Arlovski for the goatee heavyweight belt.

  • fightlinker

    Yeah props to Sam for putting Karo on the spot, that was pretty good

  • Xavier

    Nice eyebrows. Caplan’s going for the supervillain style eyebrows and bald head, but at the end of it just comes off like a big fat bald pussy.

    Someone should pop the ears out of his skull too, look like they’re eating into his brain. Of course, that might explain the Rio Heroes hypocrisy.

  • robnashville

    fightlinker, about the banners…. i do remember seeing banners on the day before and day of the rio fights (in the right hand side advert area)….. having read 5oz pretty much since Sam started it, it is a bit depressing to see the seeming change in mentality there since he took over the Pro Elite site. Between this and the pierced twat shots of that ring girl (something i expect from this kinda site, not Sam’s) it has left me a little disillusioned…..

  • twankydawg

    He’s selling out via the backdoor, he’s changed…….

  • Crap Kicker

    Anyone else find a creepy resemblance between Sam Caplan and Anton Lavey (founder of the church of satan?)

  • godzillad

    No, Sam is aware. He told me himself in some bitchy emails that he alone runs the site out of his own pocket (”I could shut the site down and it would keep more money in my pocket, if you don’t like it don’t go there WAAAHHH STOP CRITICIZING ME!”). He knows damn well what Ads are running and where the money flow is.

    He’s just a hypocritical typical douche people read for some reason.

  • Asa

    I also saw the Rio banners at his site. All the way up into this week for the event. If he does know where the ads come from then yeah, thats some dishonorable shit, and Chester the Molester is gonna beat him like a whore who didn’t shave first.

  • MJC_123

    My money is on you ‘linker your gonna smash him out with strikes in the first round!

  • Matto

    Is he computer generated?

  • nicklovesmma

    I check this thread constantly with the hope that Sam will set the record straight on this thread

  • Cyrus

    I can’t believe nobody’s said this yet, but:

    Sam Caplan looks like a creepy fuck. In my honest opinion, he looks like a cross between your standard creepy pedophile and the vampire from Bram Stokers Dracula.

    Creepy vampire pedo fuck.

    Here’s to hoping you smash that fuckers ugly face in until he looks like Jared Leto in fight club.

  • fightlinker

    I dunno, he doesn’t come close to the creepy exuded by Luke Cummo and Edilbert Crocota. One thing I’m thinking for the fight is I’ll have to watch out because his eyebrows look like they’ll cut me worse than kenny florian’s elbows!

  • Accomando

    Yeah, luke cummo is way more of a creep than Caplan. The whole “greasy taxi driver serial killer” look that Cummo has takes the cake for creep-ness.

  • Big D D

    it is good to see more gays on tv…That’s exactly what we need more of…

  • Amy

    Reminds me of a fucking fat ass Ming the Merciless….with suspect sexuality

  • Cyrus

    Amy – that’s totally what it is. You rule!

  • Amy

    Thanks Cy!

  • RoB

    i just googled ming the merciless for a side by side comparison.LOL. ha ha great comparison

  • Lifer

    ming! so true!

  • Xavier

    Ha, Ming the Merciless indeed. Amy wins this thread.

  • Amy

    feels good to be the champ

  • Ted Dibiase

    did Dr Evil have another love child? with Jay Glazer