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Sam Stout Interview: “Win over Siver puts me in the Top 10″

It’s been a long time coming, but Canadian slugger Sam Stout could finally see his talents put to the test, and possibly vault himself into immediate title contention.

While names such as Melvin Guillard, Jim Miller, and Gray Maynard ride the pack of would be challengers who could give a stern test to current UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, Stout has proven a formidable force to be reckoned with. Now five-years inside the octagon, Stout has won four of his last five bouts, and while his aggressive fighting style has garnered him several memorable moments inside the octagon, none are comparable to the devastation the London, Ontario native exhibited in his last outing.

At UFC 131, before his fellow countryman, Stout was pitted against veteran Yves Edwards in a bout promising fireworks. While Edwards has never worn UFC gold, he was coveted by the fans and fighters alike as the “uncrowned king” of the 155-pound class in the early days of the division. The personification of a legend, Edwards has highlights for days. Whether it be his headkick knockout over future Strikeforce champion Josh Thomson or his battles overseas with some of Japan’s best, Edwards was a man to be respected, and Stout knew that a victory over him still meant something in this sport.

“Hands of Stone” had finally lived up to his moniker when he was able to knockout the knockout artist with a devastating left hook, which UFC President Dana White called “one of the most vicious knockouts in UFC history, if not the most vicious”. Needless to say, Stout’s performance earned him some face as he earned his first-stoppage victory in more than three years and his first overall since joining the UFC in 2006.

“A lot of fighters respect him and I’m definitely one of them”, said Sam in an interview with Fightlinker.

“He’s a guy I watched when I was first getting into this sport, already fighting in the UFC, he’s been around forever. Always an exciting fighter, very athletic, very dynamic–he was a guy that I really took seriously as an opponent and to get a big knockout win over him was just a dream come true for me.

“I’ve had some pretty big moments in my career, but this one has the exclamation point on it, that’s for sure.”

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Now riding a two-fight win streak, Stout’s confidence is at an all time high. At 27-years-old, Stout has reached the pinnacle of his career and the best has yet to come. Sam is now set to take on surging contender Dennis Siver, an equally deadly striker who’s spinning back kick and heavy hands have proven to be dangerous weapons inside the cage.

Siver extended his streak to four in a row with a win over Matt Wiman earlier this month, though the bout wasn’t without it’s fair share of controversy. A closely contested battle, some believed Wiman to be the winner, though Stout admits that it was a match that could have been in favor of either fighter.

“I thought that was a very close fight, but it could have really gone either way, but Matt Wiman is a tough dude, I can attest to that firsthand”, said the Shawn Tompkins product, who met the wildman in April of 2009, earning a decision win.

“When I fought him in Montreal a couple of years ago, I dropped him with a body shot in the second-round, I thought it was over, and the guy is just relentless. He came back in the third and took me down and really pushed that pace. I thought after I dropped him with that body shot, I thought it was all over. Matt Wiman’s tough.”

The consummate professional, Stout had very little for words to say about his future opponent, who he will be facing on October 29th at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas for UFC 137. His only words spoke praises of Siver’s abilities and how far he’s come in his overall game. He just hopes that once it’s all said and done, and should he come out victorious, that he would be considered to be among the best in his class.

“You don’t make it to that high in the division, highly ranked in the division, if you don’t know how to do everything and he’s definitely shown some significant improvements in his game and he’s a top 10 guy in my opinion”, said Sam.

“I think that put’s me definitely top 10 if I beat Dennis Siver … that’s the way I feel and that’s the way I hope the UFC head honchos see it.”

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    Stout’s a guy I simply do not see being a contender, unless he decides to dramatically improve his grappling.  Defending the takedowns of the contenders is just gonna lose him decisions.  I always enjoy his fights tho

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    I don’t know if Stout is saying that he’s a contender, just saying he should be in the top 10 if he beats Siver – which is technically accurate.

    I agree that Stout probably won’t ever fight for the title, but there’s no question the kid is tough & almost always puts on good fights.

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    Sam Stout is Canadian. He fights in the UFC. He won a couple of fights and said he should be in the top 10 if he beats Siver.

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