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Saturday night viewing guide

If 6 hours of UFC programming last night wasn’t enough to sate your hunger for fist fightin and man huggin then do I have good news for you. You can spend all night tonight watching EVEN MORE MMA!

Jungle Fights is one of the big MMA promotions in South America and you can watch Jungle Fights 36 on your XBox through the free ESPN app. The event starts at 5:30PM EST and is a pilot project to determine if they want to do this more regularly, so even if you’ve got other things to do, consider setting this up to play in the background just to skew the numbers upwards.

Also tonight: New ProElite’s third card featuring Kendall Grove vs Minowaman and Olympic silver medalist Sara McMann vs Hitomi Akano. That’s live at 10PM EST on HDNet. It’s STEEL FISTED FIGHT ACTION according to the fight poster, which makes me hope Hawaii is down with everyone wearing knuckledusters. Then again, this is the same poster that made me think Kendall Grove was fighting Sara McMann, so we already know it’s full of lies.

  • Reverend Clint

    yeah when they have a poster like that it gets confusing. the worse is the poster where they put the most popular fighters in the foreground even when they arent fighting each other.

    “steel fisting action” sounds better

  • Shibo

    Jungle fights is also on if your internet provider allows it.

  • greenseed

    cant find shit on my xbox

  • Col

    What is this secret death touch they speak off???

  • Grappo


  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Is that Chris Elliot?  Fucking FANTASTIC!

    EDIT:  Eagleheart ey?  It’s even got Tammela Littlenut in it??? Oh fuck.

  • frickshun

    ^^Ha!! Fucking love Chris Elliott.

  • Reverend Clint

    his daughter is kinda hot

  • fishead


    If she promises to wear this same outfit when she comes over to eat it… I’ll learn how to bake pink cakes.

  • Reverend Clint

    alright but on snl she is usually just kinda hot

  • frickshun

    She’s funny but a little too thick for this white guy.

    Back on topic……1 of Ryan’s “Fight Hawtness” subjects utterly dominated lasted night but has no finishing tools yet.