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Say it ain’t so, Mo!

Isn’t it interesting that every time a fighter pops positive for steroids, they always deny it and say it must be a mistake? MMA must be the only sport on the planet that doesn’t have people juicing. Following the trend, here’s Muhammed ‘King Mo’ Lawal’s camp disputing that he took Drostanolone leading up to his last fight. I’m at the point now where I don’t even bother to post about a steroid bust until the inevitable denial.

“Both of us are very surprised by these results,” Kogan told USA TODAY. “Neither of us has ever heard of this drug. … We honestly have no clue where this came from.”

Other than food and drink, the only substances that Lawal takes on a regular basis are iron supplements, Kogan said. When Lawal had fluid drained from his knee a few weeks before the bout, he did receive an injection of a non-anabolic steroid, Kogan said.

More from Mauro Ranallo’s show on The Score:

“We had some knee problems going into the fight (against Larkin). He had a torn ACL and his knee swelled up three or four weeks before the fight and we had to have it systematically drained,” Kogan said. “He is in surgery right now having his ACL put in (Lawal does not have an ACL).”

“We talked to that doctor if there might have been something he put in that may have caused this, but from his conclusion it doesn’t seem likely. He put in an an anti-inflammatory steroid at the time when he first drained the knee, but since then he hasn’t put anything in,” Kogan said. “But it wasn’t an anabolic steroid so it wasn’t the same. That’s basically where we are right now. We are still trying to figure out this thing out.”

“Lawal was stunned. This guy has been competing since high school and has reached the highest levels of competition in wrestling, including being an Olympic alternate,” Kogan said. “For him it’s always been about a sense of competition. He is very much against cheating. It’s not in his DNA.”

So what do you think? Seed of doubt planted? I’m a sucker for these kinds of things. At first I wanna go after the athlete with torches and pitchforks but somehow by the end I’m always left scratching my head wondering if maybe there WAS some wacky screwup. The kinds of steroids most professional athletes are using nowadays are designed to get you past Olympic level blood testing. Standard commission drug testing is a joke. It’s to the point now where I don’t think the people caught doping are being caught for the actual doping they’re doing.

  • CAP

    Has there ever been a false positive confirmed? Not that I am aware of.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    This seems odd as drostanolone apparently only lasts 2-3 days in your system, so either this was a last second “supplement change-up” or there was a testing error. They’re still waiting for his second sample, correct?

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  • mmaddict89

    if it lasts 2-3 days in your system how the fuck is he stupid enough to get caught?

    i don’t think i’ve ever heard of anyone in any sport getting a false positive

  • Jarman

    Maybe no false positives in the past, but I’m pretty sure commissions treat their shoddy testing the way they treat their shoddy judging: it’s perfect, and they won’t even entertain the notion that it might be broken.

    when cyborg popped positive for a weight cutting anabolic, I wasn’t surprised. she might not need roids to get that muscular(riiiiiight), but cutting weight, i could see her needing it.

    But Mo? Popped for a decades old anabolic dudes were taking in highschool? that people have popped for before, yet has (as I find out here, didn’t know this before) a 2-3 detectable period in the blood? I don’t really believe it…..having been an olympic alternate, with such high level coaching surrounding him…..if he wanted to roid up, he wouldn’t get caught.