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Sean Sherk is hittin’ the mall

Ever seen one of those movies where a crowd pelts someone with tomatoes and other rotten vegetables? Well, here’s your chance to see it happen in real life. Sean Sherk is signing Affliction shirts at the “Mall of America” (wherever the fuck that is) this Saturday July 28th.

This is a pretty ballsy appearance for someone to make just a week after being nailed for steroids. At first I wondered if this was planned before the bust and is now canceled. But according to people organizing it, everything is still a go and Sherk will show up. So remember to bring your tomatoes and rotten eggs. And don’t be afraid to accidentally hit innocent bystanders wearing Affliction shirts … the things already look like they were soaked in raw garbage anyways.


    Should be an interesting autograph signing…

  • hunt0r

    Mall of America is in Minnesota which is like 8 hours from me…which is 7 hours and 59 minutes too far to see Sherk.

  • Fred

    Sherk is still the champion until he’s not the champion anymore. Guilty or not, it’s not particularly funny to talk about pelting the guy with eggs and tomatoes. Sherk may have a moral/character issue, but he’s still a high achiever contrasted with some fat freak-wannabe who wants to judge him.

    Fans need to get this straight: I don’t care if you stack 6 different steroids AND HGH all together for years. Most would never come close to Sherk’s level of accomplishment. Once the average fan understands that, they won’t judge him so harshly.

  • hunt0r

    Good for him and his accomplishments…I just think there are more exciting fighters to watch.

  • intenso

    This just in: steroids give an athlete an advantage in athletic competitions.