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See the Condit / Diaz fight through the eyes of Team Diaz

While paying the same price to watch a PPV on the UFC’s website as you would to see it on TV may seem like a bit of a rip, at least there’s some cool bells and whistles attached to the internet version. You have your choice of cameras to watch, and your choice of audio. Sick of Goldy hawking Corn Nuts? Turn the announcers off. Wanna feel like you’re sitting in your favorite fighter’s corner? They’ve got an isolated audio feed for each corner too. That’s what Bloody Elbow user KGNLuc used to transcribe everything going on between Nick’s cornermen Nate Diaz and Richard Perez. Here’s some highlights:

(before the fight)
Red Corner (probably talking to the corner-team): Be calm in the corner. That’s where the cameras are, they’re tryin’ t make us look bad. The camera […] is makin’ us look bad for freakin’ out so be calm on the cameras

(round 1)
Nate: He’s tryin to make you chase him too. Cut him off real good. He’s tryin to coast for five rounds. Cut him off good!

(round 2)
Nate (to a teammate, 4:03): He’s got nothin on him, dude. He’s just tryin to set stuff up. (right here, Condit throws a spinning elbow at around 3:58) See, that’s the kind of ass*ole-sh*t he’s got. But … he better land a good one if he wants to end it cause he can’t really do too much.

Red Corner (somebody else than the staff that could be heard so far 3:08): Condit you pussy!
Red Corner: You can run all day!

(between rounds 2 and 3)
Nate: You ain’t gonna have to chase him so much, too. You can if you want but you don’t have to. He’s trying to make you chase him around some hard shit (?). You can wave him down like “Come to me motherf*cker!”. […]You won the last two rounds so keep doin what you’re doin. But you can make him come to you too. Or do what you want. You can do that too, he ain’t doin nothin.

(round 3)
Nate (no clock yet…right at the start oft he round): It’s lookin good
Red Corner: You think so?
Nate: Yah, two – zero.
Red Corner: Sometimes though, they…
Nate: Nah, two to zero. Everybody knows that. F*ck that! The guy ain’t doin nothin. He’s doin what he can though.

After the jump, rounds 4, 5, and the aftermath: Greasing allegations and Nate Diaz’s scorecard.

(round 4)
Red Corner: […]man, they’re trying to cool him off. That was a lot of water.
Red Corner: His heartrate seems still alright
Nate (4:49): That’s what they do, they make him all wet so the punches slip off and sh*t.
Red Corner (4:44): Ist that allowed here?
Nate (Yelling over to the other corner): Ey, y’all put too much water on that motherf*cker, man!
Nate (4:32): Ref! Dry him off, ref! Dry him off!
Nate (4:23): He’s slippin all over the place cause they put water all over him! That’s weak.

(between round 4 and 5)
Somebody says: What do you think. Maybe Nick
Nate: No. No, no, no, no, f*ck that, you got every round.
Somebody, maybe Nick (Although it doesn’t sound like him) says: “Don’t lie to me”
Nate: He might have got that last round but that’s it. You got the rest. You’re up three to one, okay? Rinse it out, take a drink. Let’s get a couple of ten second intervals in this one, ok? Whenever you want, whenever you’re ready.

(after the fight)
Nate: Ey! For sure four to one, a’right?
Nick: I got that? I got that homie?
Nate: Yeah F*ck yeah, you got that.
Nick: I pushed him back the whole time
Red Corner: Yeah, yeah, he ran.
Nate: All we got is the sweatshirt. Ey yo, put this on. I tell you […] four to one for sure. No problem.
Red Corner: He ran too much.
Nick (probably looking at the replay): They’re showin only (?)his shit.

And you know what happens next: Condit takes it on all three judges scorecards and Team Diaz is left gobsmacked, especially since they thought Nick won 4-1. This is where having someone who hates your guts but still wants you to win would be useful in a corner situation. While guys like Nick and Perez let bias get in the way of seeing what was happening, a dickface would have pointed out after round 3 that things were starting to slip away from the Stockton native. Maybe Georges St Pierre could have yelled over some advice or something.

It’s an interesting look into a corner during a championship fight. While you can fault Team Diaz for making their guy think he was winning when he was in fact dropping rounds, Perez was keeping his striking advice sound and Nate kept telling Nick to cut Condit off or at least stop chasing him from time to time. Nick wasn’t able to put that into action, and it cost him the fight and who knows how much money fighting GSP in the fall.

  • shillyer

    I was undecided on who won the fight (could see it either way) , but twitter and fighters that tweet changed my mind.
    only Greg Jackson nut huggers think Condit won. Don’t let Greg Jackson ruin MMA.

  • Marley Marl

    Nate should of been more objective. There was not enough in each round to solidify it for Nick unfortunately…

  • frickshun

    Top cornerman in the biz: Hey, you should adjust your strategy to be more effective in winning rounds.
    Fighter of said cornerman: You think so?
    TC: Or not. You can do what I said or do the same ineffective thing as before b/c it’s WORKING!!
    FOSC: Both seem like good advice.

  • Jarman

    is that what you were trying to post earlier shill? interesting….best tweet was Miguel Torres’.

    I’m far from a Greg Jackson nuthugger. And I could not give a single fuck less about him…..I honestly think Condit has less of a chance against GSP than Diaz, so fuck it, whatever. Diaz’ll get his shot if he dries his tears and quits bein a whiny bitch. He just has to wait, watch Condit lose, and maybe, if Cesar Gracie does SOMETHING, like, I dunno, helps Nick formulate a gameplan from what they see in that fight, he’ll have an even greater chance of beating Georges. A slim chance either way, but it’s better than if he’d pulled that one dimensional gameplan into his unification bout. i doubt it’ll happen that way though, it’d take a level of maturity from Diaz that he likely doesn’t possess to not be a whiny bitch about that decision. Let’s see him face Johnny Hendricks, earn another shot, and maybe apply some much needed lessons in future fights….he may be a classless, immature, broken little man-child, but he’s damn fun to watch fight.

  • Reverend Clint

    Diaz needa to train with a new camp

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I read the full thing yesterday so it’s had some time to sink in.  I love Nate, but that cat is delusional as fuck if he was telling Nick he was winning.  They’d probably say the same thing after George alternates sticking and moving with takedowns for 3 rounds.

    After the third, they should have told him to finish Condit at all costs, but even that doesn’t matter.  Nick didn’t do what they told him as-is, so he still would’ve lost.

  • nem0

    So Diaz bitches about guys fighting to win points, but his whole strategy between rounds was…I’m winning on points, so why finish the fight?

    Suppose trying to make logical sense out of any Diaz decisions is an exercise in futility, though.

  • MPL

    GO! Retard Bros GO!

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    So Diaz bitches about guys fighting to win points, but his whole strategy between rounds was…I’m winning on points, so why finish the fight?

    Hahahahahaha!  I’m a huge Diaz fan, but that was some sad shit.

  • Giallo

    Shit advice from shit corner men.

  • bosswell

    DJ Thunder, there’s also the matter of Nick trying to say that Condit didn’t do any damage to him. Well, Nick’s face was fucked up, and Condit looked fine, so there’s not much argument there, either.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    The inflammation in someone’s skin (like those two big scrapes) isn’t a big indicator of damage since bruises and lacerations don’t end a fight unless there’s blood in your eyes.  Some people can get hit a lot and not bruise or bleed, whereas other people have very sensitive skin.

    Like that of a vagina.

  • agentsmith

    ^ This is the problem I have whenever someone talks about scoring based on “damage”.  Just because someone’s bruised up and/or bloody doesn’t mean they’re losing.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Exactly.  It’s borderline CHAEL WON 23 MINUTES SO HE’S THE CHAMP shit.

  • CAP

    They were ALL high.