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Self-KO action!

Most fighters aren’t worried about getting hurt in the cage so much as they are worried about getting horribly embarrassed. A fask KO. A banana-peel screwup. Something that goes viral on youtube and is featured in dozens of Fail compilations moving forward. Something like this video above, where this guy from an Empire Fight League event manages to knock himself out with a flying kick.

(thanks to Vince for the find!)

  • CAP

    My name isn’t Vince…

  • noiseless

    i like the celebration

  • Jarman

    Oh come on now Vince, don’t be like that. Just take your Kudos gracefully. We don’t know the difference between Vince and Vincenzo, so quit expecting us to.

    Epic low-light reel though…..really wouldn’t expect a fall like that to KO someone, but then again, ya can never trust these regional promoters to put any kind of matting on the ring surface. What was it Polly learned? “Never fear the man who practices a thousand kicks once, fear the man who practices one kick a thousand times.” Looks like buddy went to the “never tried ‘em” basket that time. What a sucker…..totally looks like something i would end up doing.

  • glassjawsh

    if you celebrate a win after your opponent knocks himself out. Youre a douche