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Sensei Seagal trains Anderson and Lyoto-kun

Dunno where that first picture came from but Bruce Buffer just snapped the other one down in Brazil. So for all you haters and doubters out there joking about Steven Seagal training Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida … does it look like he’s joking around???

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  • Symbul

    No, that do-rag is all business. You fools better believe.

  • TheRectumInspector

    What awful people.

  • Nucleius

    That mashup didn’t include Cock Puncher :\

  • Giallo

    Silva’s gonna close-line Sonnen

  • Jarman

    as long as sonnen doesn’t reach for a weak grab of silva’s lapel, nothin seagal can teach them will matter.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Sonnen doesn’t have the balls.

  • variable

    Well played ThunderElbows

  • frickshun

    Anybody seen Richie?