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Shamrock vs Toney location / date / rules change

Sounds like everything is up in the air regarding the Ken Shamrock vs James Toney freakshow fight:

“(We’re looking at) two different states and, actually, going outside of the country,” Gotzev said. “We’re zeroing in right now, but it’s going to be November.”

The match-up, which was originally rumored to take place in El Paso, Texas, in September, never had a confirmed date according to the promoter. Any speculation of the date and venue was just that, speculation.

“When people came up with an original date (in September) that was somewhat of a guess,” Gotzev said.

The pending bout between Shamrock and Toney is unique in that ground work following a takedown will be allowed to go for only 30 seconds and the fighters will have only that amount of time to finish their grounded opponent. Once the 30-second time limit expires, the two will be required to stand back up in fighting positions, regardless of position on the floor.

It should be difficult to find a commission to approve that. Or not. Who knows with commissions these days? Sometimes they’ll shut you down because your cage doesn’t have the proper square footage. Other times they’ll let events go down in a beer barn in a ring made out of plywood and shipping pallets. But just in case, they can always run to one of the unregulated states. Or ‘outside the country!’ Which would be appropriate since this fight was always too crazy for any governing body to legitimately put a stamp on it. That’s part of what makes it so interesting. They should put that on the damn posters. ‘This fight shouldn’t even be allowed to happen. But it is!’

Or maybe it isn’t, based on everything I’ve read here.

  • agentsmith

    Isn’t that why they were aiming for Texas, because their AC is a joke?

  • iamphoenix

    you’re saying black people like it hot and texas doesn’t have quality air conditioning units so it’s perfect for james toney?

  • agentsmith

    See, penix gets it.

  • Symbul

    They could run it on an indian reservation and do whatever the fuck they wanted.

    This fight is totally not happening but seriously please do update us on its progress as it navigates the toilet bowl on its way down the tubes.

  • frickshun

    1 important question: will the 30 second clock be on-screen & does it start when someone is in guard or when a knee hits the ground? This could revolutionize boxer vs has-been Hall of Fame MMA fighters!!

  • CAP

    After the 30 second ground clock is up. James Toney will have 30 seconds to get his fat ass back to his feet. This needs to be in Texas because this is one of the BIGGEST freakshows eva!

  • evolie

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