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Shane Carwin is a little bit injured

So Shane Carwin tweeted about a knee injury that’s keeping him from making the trip to the UK for this weekend’s event. No biggie, though. Tis but a scratch, according to his management:

Carwin first reported the knee injury on his Twitter account saying, “ATTN UK Fans: I hurt my knee training and I will not be able to make the signing with the amazing people @FearlessUK.”

Carwin’s manager Jason Genet of Ingrained Media told that he injured the knee while in wrestling practice, but he suffered no major tears or damage to the knee.

The injury was enough for Carwin to cancel a trip to England this week for a signing, but with time to rehab and recover the former heavyweight champion should be ready in time for his Dec. 15 showdown with Roy Nelson.

Should isn’t the most reassuring word in this scenario. Should has become the new precursor to the gypsy lady’s latest kick to our collective balls. Dan Henderson hurts his knee but should still be able to fight Jon Jones. Jose Aldo scraped up his foot in a motorcycle accident but should still be able to fight Frankie Edgar. And yet here we are with no Henderson vs Jones and no Aldo vs Edgar. So telling me Carwin hurt his knee but should be able to fight Nelson?

  • Letibleu

    New game plan: kick the living shit out of Carwin’s knee.

  • BobbyMaGee

    ^ That’s better than his original plan of block Carwins fist with his head.

  • jjdnb

    Carwin gasses after one round of using Roy the slop Nelson as a punching bag. Roy gets the UD and Dana shits a brick

  • Reverend Clint

    i can see nelson subbing him out after he blows his load

  • frickshun

    Uh oh

  • fightlinkerReader

    The fight will be exciting for the first two or three minutes. Then both fighters will gas. Lets hope they don’t designate this a five round main event.

  • randlemansvertical

    once carwin got flagged for buying tons of roids from balco and had to pretend to lose weight under the premise of it being good for him (i.e 60 lbs of muscle) he’s been worthless. I don’t see him winning this fight even if he makes it to the fight, he’s going to end up retired soon

  • Letibleu

    ^^i totally agree

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    The mass he had back in his first MMA days surely put a huge strain on his connective tissue and spine. And a game based on brute strength isn’t helping either.