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Shane Carwin retires with 12 wins in 16 minutes

After dealing with a seemingly endless array of neck, back, and knee injuries, Shane Carwin has decided to hang up his gloves. The guy came into the sport in 2005 and was already pretty banged up from all the football and wrestling he did while working on his degree as an engineer. But for a guy held together with rubber bands and glue he did pretty well for himself, knocking out all but two of his opponents in the first round. History may just remember him as a blip on the UFC heavyweight radar, but he was an entertaining blip and it was always a pleasure to watch him compete. So long, Shane Carwin, and thanks for all the under-a-minute KOs.

  • kvelertak

    He beat Lesnar.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    I still would have liked to see Carwin vs Cormier next. I still don’t buy that Cormier can hang with a full-sized UFC HW who doesn’t immediately fold under adversity as soon as the fight becomes difficult.

    I think DC would have probably still won a decision, but it would have been interesting to see how he could take a clean shot from Carwin – it might have been enough to send him down to LHW where he belongs.

    Oh well, rest well gentle giant. You’ve earned it.