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Shawn Tompkins, dead at 37

When you hear that a 37 year old MMA trainer that looks as fit as a bull died, your first reaction is to think it’s some sort of twisted bullshit story. Unfortunately that is not the case: Shawn Tompkins was found dead Sunday morning … the most information we have on the cause is that ‘he didn’t wake up.’

Tompkins was a well respected fight coach who’s worked with a who’s who of the MMA scene. He helped Dan Henderson unleash his overhand right at Team Quest, brought Vitor Belfort back from the edge of irrelevancy at XTreme Couture, and of course was behind Team Tompkins which included Mark Hominick, Sam Stout, and Chris Horodecki.

Tompkins was also a friend of our network overlords, Rebellion Media. When they threw the CrashMMA bus to UFC 96, Tompkins was on it with his stable of fighters, laughing, drinking, and having a great time. He was a very nice guy to me, despite the fact that we’ve said some Fightlinkery things about him in the past.

His wife Emile, Sam Stout’s sister, released this statement about Shawn’s death:

“Team Tompkins thanks everyone for all of the condolences that have come in since the tragic news of ‘The Coach’s’ death. Shawn would be touched beyond words by the outpouring of love from the MMA community. Sam Stout, Chris Horodecki, Mark Hominick, Kekoa Quipolta, Mr. and Mrs. Tompkins and I thank you for the respect you have shown us during this trying time. Shawn loved MMA and he considered all of you family. We will miss our Coach very much.”

RIP Shawn Tompkins. May you train Jesus and the angels to brawl it up in heaven.

  • frickshun


  • Letibleu


  • CAP

    Way too young to go.

  • glassjawsh

    someone, anyone, please photoshop him armbarring jesus

  • Omomatta

    Yeah, this sucks.

  • agentsmith

    Chris Horodecki just had another friend die last month, and the way he described it is that that guy also just didn’t wake up.  WTF is it with people connected to Adrenaline MMA dying in their sleep at a young age?

  • G Funk

    “He was a very nice guy to me, despite the fact that we’ve said some Fightlinkery things about him in the past.”

    That’s because he never read/heard it, cause you’re an abysmal MMA writer with a unknown site, remember Hyan?

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Too much Adrenaline?

  • matthewpolly

    It is a sad moment for MMA and Shawn’s extended family. I only knew him for a short period of time and always enjoyed his company. He went out of his way for fighters in trouble, like Junie Browning, perhaps because he understood better than most what their internal struggle was like. I always assumed he’d be around the scene for many years to come. While I was occasionally critical of him, I will miss having him around. My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, friends, and fighters.

    Matthew Polly

  • X

    Crappy news.  He was only 37?  More to this story I’m sure.

  • frickshun

    So Polly, you said you were very critical of him, huh? I wonder how that stress affected his decision-making & possibly contributed to his untimely demise……

  • iamphoenix

    Polly is just like mj’s doctor.

    And and breaking news confirming my theory that his death was caused by sleeping pills and a bad dose of semen?

  • Letibleu
  • G Funk

    I like how Polly signs off on a comment that’s attached to his name for a more “dramatic” effect.

  • dulljake

    wow i feel like shit for making fun of him all these years


  • matthewpolly

    I only sign off on my comments when I’m trying to hide the fact that I killed somebody. Shawn put up a mighty struggle but was no match for my Iron Tiger Critique.

  • iamphoenix

    I thought athiests had no feelings. What do you have to say about this baby killer jake?

  • Letibleu

    Athiests have feelings, just none towards our lord and savior, Burger King.

  • CAP