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Sherdog fucks up again (updated: NOT!)

I know you all don’t like it when I get all holier than thou on big MMA websites that make amateur hour mistakes, so I’ll keep this one short:

Compared to other types of content on HDNet, which is also home to NHL and NASCAR programming, MMA has carved out an impressive niche, said HDNet Fights president Guy Mezger (Pictures), taking the top spot virtually every time the sport is featured.

Too bad Guy Mezger ain’t HDNet Fight’s president. That job belongs to Andrew Simon. Just thought I’d point it out. Congrats to Sherdog for continuing to fuck up. But seriously … I wouldn’t rag on you guys if I didn’t expect better! Tough love sucks, don’t it?

**Update / Correction** Oh the humanity. I was wrong! Spencer is in fact the CEO and Mezger *is* the president as reported correctly by Sherdog. I’d just like to take a moment to apologize to Sherdog for accusing them of getting this wrong. It is I who is the retard, and in calling you out I totally self-p0wnzered myself. Hardcore.

By the way, now that Sherdog is right, Five Ounces of Pain is now wrong. DUH!

  • MJC_123

    Go get’em Tiger

  • Jersey Tomato

    If you are gonna get all holier-than-thou and whatnot, the least you could have done was point out what is Metzger’s correct title at HDNet…

  • Mike O

    metzger reminds me of glass jaw joe from mike tysons punchout ( the first guy you fight )

  • Stonewall

    Simon is the the CEO, Mezger is the president

  • Leigh

    Dude, Mezger IS the president. Simon is the CEO. Insert foot in mouth now.

  • Xavier

    I like it when you do this, so long as you’re right when you do it.

  • RL Dookiefuck

    Mezger is totally the HDNet President.

  • Jersey Tomato

    What say you, Fightlinker? Are you go to print a retraction to your own story or are going to force us to send Guy Metzger to your house to kick the livin’ shit out of you?

  • robnashville
  • Stonewall

    Simon not Spencer, 0 for 2

  • Vale Nada

    Has the egg nog occluded that external carotid artery of yours? Even with your stupid ass mistakes are you more accurate than sherdogshit.