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Shut up about strikes to the back of the head already

No one cares if you punch a guy to the back of the head. It’s a fight, it’s gonna happen. Especially when guys are tangled up in the ground with their faces buried in each other’s chests. Pretty much the only exposed bit is the back of the head! While warnings for punches to the back of the head make perfect fodder for UFC drinking games, I think it’s a damn stupid rule that needs to be tossed out or at least modified.

I can’t say for sure why strikes to the back of the head are illegal. Last I checked, you got a whole bunch of skull back there which generally protects you from things. The neck I can understand. But back of the head? On the other hand, while I’ve done some gynological work, I’m not really a doctor. So I’ll just play along and say the ‘back of the head rule’ makes sense. But wouldn’t it make *more* sense to have it implemented in the same way elbows are? Elbows are allowed but not downward elbows. So why not allow those sideways punches to the back of the head, but not downward punches from the mount – the kind most likely to really fuck a dude up?

Anyways, my opinion on this comes solely from being sick of hearing ‘Watch the back of the head’ repeated over and over like a Hari Krishna chanting his prayers. If someone has to get brain damage so I don’t have to put up with that, I’ll consider it a fair trade.

  • Jerry Millen

    A striker targeting the back of the head has the potential to mis-strike and hits the back of the neck or other areas that are superficial to the vertebrae. Hence it is too a risky of a strike to be allowed.

    Therefore, this leads to other options such as tickling of the opponents’s ears which is a much safer and effective move for the fighter.

  • Adam

    Jerry Millen, where you hiding these days dude?

  • kentyman

    I really like how they say, “This is the last time I’ll warn you!” after each subsequent warning.

  • Jonathan

    Look at the Renzo/Shamrock fight for what strikes to the back of the head can do.

  • johnny

    Jerry Millen has AMAZING hair.

  • fightlinker

    Well, that was actually knees … knees to the neck :-p

  • kentyman

    I’d saw Joe Lauzon vs. Cole Miller from TUF 5 is a better example of what can happen to you with one good shot to the lower part of the back of the head.

    But I completely agree with fightlinker that a strike to the top of the back of the head should be legal. Not from any medical evidence or anything; just ’cause I’m not a puss!

  • kentyman

    “I’d saw.” Awesome.