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Sick :-(

Both Jake and I had a 10 minute encounter with a guy named Tom on Monday night while we were recording the Low Blow. Tom is was a friend of ours who travels around the world training security companies on new technology. He also tends to pick up a number of fucking sicknesses, which he then transfers onto us when he comes over to watch Star Trek.

So long story short both Jake and I are lying in bed (different beds, you pervs) shaking worse than Michael J Fox in a political commercial. I know how much this blows goats – stuff has sucked with my ass problems, then I got stuck in America for four days, and now I’m fucking sick. All this inconsistency in posting is driving me absolutely nuts, and I promise that I’m going to try my best to at least get some shit done today, and as soon as I’m better you’re going to see things better than back to normal.

  • kentyman

    I probably don’t speak for anyone else here, but feel free to fuck off some more and get better. No need to overdo it.

  • Omomatta

    This is why I made up the sickness post. Somethings up man. I’m still sick as well. Try to get better.

  • Captain

    “10 minute encounter with a guy named Tom”

    Jeez man, I don’t even know what I could say that would make that sound any more yucky than it already does. I’ll blame it on the illness and not you being gay.

  • ChinBo

    Come ON! We need humerous updates! I am spending all my time on non-funny sites such as MMAJunkie and shit.

  • Smitler

    Can this sickness be tranferred through internets?
    Uggghhh. Stay way sick-boys.
    Eat plenty of chicken soup and don’t wank too much. It diminishes the strength.

  • Fightlinker Jackal

    Dana White cast a spell on you.

  • HattoriHanzo

    Get up and do some cardio. Sweat does germs out.

  • Erin

    What? How dare you pay more attention to your health and well-being than our entertainment? This is unnacceptable.

  • JackalAss

    oh lord…you call your self a jackal…get your ass out of bed and stop being a puss!

    I need shit to read and boycott and this is my home for doing so!

  • dulljake


  • andres

    I don’t know if up in canada star trek is “cool” but down here that shit is fucken gay fuck star trek

  • Accomando

    Both Jake and I had a 10 minute encounter with a guy named Tom on Monday night……..He also tends to pick up a number of fucking sicknesses, which he then transfers onto us when he comes over to watch Star Trek…”

    Are star trek episodes only 10 minutes long?

  • Nick

    Water + Vitamin C + Sleep

  • HattoriHanzo

    No updates on fightlinker means I finally have time to put together that Tim Syliva highlight video I’ve always been meaning to do.

  • kentyman

    + Zinc

  • Lifer

    chug urine to rehydrate.

  • garth

    i think “watch star trek” is code for “handy in the broom closet of the learning annex”.

    also, what did dude do to deserve a $1 payday? weird.

  • garth

    #16 “chug urine”
    band name.

  • igorpunck

    You are fucking falling apart man.
    PS don’t mix up your ass medicine with your cold medicine.

  • Accomando

    Elite XC paid a guy 1 dollar who won a fight, hilarious…

    “…The salaries were acquired from the Florida State Boxing Commission. They ranged from just $1 to $175,000…”

  • Accomando

    my bad #17

  • Vale Nada

    Sick AGAIN??? Dude, at least make up some freaky shit like tag-teaming Horse-Face and getting phallic staph infection or something.

  • airipsus

    certain tribes in a remote port of Indonesia have been known to extract healing nutrients from boiling there own has great medicinal properties if you can get over the sheer grossness of it.if you want to get better fast you might want to consider it.
    so what’s it going to be, let the site go to shit or drink your own piss!?!

  • fightlinker

    I’ll take C : Suck it up and stop being a pussy

  • kanos jimoros

    It’s all good man, don’t trip. Where’s the ‘donate’ tab?

  • pauli

    hmm. the sick men of canada.

  • dulljake

    is that a kung fu reference?

  • Mobb Deep

    Is all this “I’m always sick” crap part of your master plan to duck Caplan, hmmmm?

  • Wu Tang


  • marshal

    Sick :-(, heal already bitch! FL karma isn’t real, realize it.