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Silva vs Sonnen 2 in a stadium would have been an epic fail

Dana White is asked about the possibility of a stadium show and reveals maybe it was lucky it didn’t work out this time:

I dunno. It wasn’t frustration at all. In building this business and going into new territories and doing new things you’re gonna have to overcome hurdles. And the soccer stadium thing didn’t work out. We’re working on it we’ll eventually pull it off. I dunno if you guys know this but the night that we were supposed to do that fight in either Sao Paolo or Rio, it was f*ckin raining sideways. Which has always been my big fear in doing an outdoor fight. Which just makes me go ‘Goddamn.’

  • TheFlopPhilosopher

    And of course the supplemental costs of erecting and insuring an electrofied poo barrier.

    Let alone the overhead, premiums and inevitably ongoing medical bills for the little bits that get through.