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Site News: Hold onto your butts


Once again, if you listened to our weekly radio show you would know what was up already! You really should give it a shot … we don’t suck balls like 99% of the other podcasts out there! Anyways, the news you’d know already if you did listen to the show is as follows: We’re finally launching the new site we promised you guys months and months ago. And no, it no longer sports a smurf color theme.

There has been much trepidation in light of this news. Most of you seem to be afraid that the format of the site will somehow change. Let me promise you that the core of the site will continue to be my mad ramblings and my mad ramblings alone. We’re not bringing on 15 other writers to fill the daily quota of posts, and we’re not suddenly going all pussy on y’all.

That being said, here’s what’s being changed and added:

  • Comics : Yes, it finally launches, and will now be updated every Friday!
  • Store : Finally you can buy shit from us, including our first shirt ever!
  • Forums : Not your average phpBB bullshit code. These forms are clean, fast, and easy to keep track of.
  • Profiles : No longer must you be an anonymous keyboard warrior! Now you can be a famous keyboard warrior!
  • Instant Messaging : Which makes it a whole lot easier to keep me in the loop for inside information
  • Pictures : A section to upload images to your heart’s content.

Basically Fightlinker is expanding to include everything we need to grow a community of bastards and miscreants the likes of which the internet has never seen before! Those of you looking for a place to waste away your days at work, look no further. For those of you who avoid this kinda shit like the plague: don’t worry. The core of the site has been left alone and you’re free to just come and read the blog like you did before.

So that’s it. New site goes up early Friday morning. I’m sure you guys are gonna love it!

  • MJC_123

    I haven’t been this happy since Ryan Gracie died. Looking forward to the launch!

  • Kris

    Awesome news, can’t wait to try it out.

  • Mike David (Euthyphro)

    I look forward to my free shirt (and the new site)! Congrats guys.

  • CagePotato

    Here’s something I was wondering while listening to the last Low Blow: How tall is Sam Caplan? On camera, he comes off like a chubby dude. So if he fights at 185, he’s not walking around at over 200, which makes him…like 5’6″?

  • bmiller

    I am been cereal here….. How the hell am i suppose to sleep tonight? I havent been this happy since that time when I was 15 and I found out my girl friend wasnt pregnant and she was just late on her period.

  • MJC_123

    Im hearing you bmiller, thats a situation I can relate too….happy days indeed!

  • stellar53

    About F’ing time……

  • Method

    Whenever there is an update about an update instead of actually releasing it, i lack faith

  • kentyman

    Ah, the old “Hooray, your vagina is bleeding!” feeling. Nothing better.

  • Mobb Deep

    I sincerely hope you make some serious cash from this site real soon, asshole.

  • Dru Down

    That giant jackal head just gave me goosebumps. Or Herpes. Either way, the new site should be a winner.

  • Xavier

    As long as I can click the RSS feed on my Firefox and leave inane ramblings bitching about things, I shall be happy.

  • el feo

    I’d love to buy one of your shirts but I’d rather spend it on blow and Black Label, while American dollars are still worth something.

  • Mr.ThePlague


  • shanaconda

    Holy sticky Lindland balls, you mean I won’t endlessly click that seductive comic link only to find I’m stuck reading the GSP comic AGAIN.
    I am Saved!!! Hallelujah

  • intenso

    the message board will probably melt down the internet.

  • fightlinker

    It will melt the internet’s hot heart with a cool tropical song

  • kentyman


  • higgz

    Profiles? So we can be registered and traceable Jackals now? That’s cool so long as we don’t piss off Mayhem’s Monkeys–those guys are crazy.

  • fightlinker

    Jackals > Monkeys.

  • demonianray

    Extremely cool shit, now i’ll have dreams with the jackals…lol

  • Tertio

    Will we be able to call clementi a cock face and Sherk a walking valium on your forums ? Will you have short fuses for fighter bashing and personal attacks ? If i am watching UFC 87 and Sanchez is fighting like a tard can i call him out on being bad and ugly and possibly smelly ?

    On other forums you have to walk the line in a soupnazylineup kind of way or you get ZAPPED.

  • Amy Robinson

    woo-hoo! social networking with my fellow mma degenerates!

  • fightlinker

    As of right now we have no idea how we’re going to deal with the modding of the forums but basically it’s “Treat your fellow jackals well, others can eat shit” with a dash of “say stupid shit and you deserve what you get”

  • Amy Robinson

    ^ how ’bout a requirements test of mma knowledge for forum membership to keep out the Sherdog newbs? That would cut out about 90% of what you need to moderate.

  • fightlinker

    The know-it-alls are the ones to watch out for ;-)

  • ajadoniz

    Griffin-Bonnar 1 = best fight ever. I’m in!

  • Cyrus

    Ninja Warlords

  • Dangerfield

    Reach for the stars.
    Reach for the fightlinker.

  • Swedish guy

    Let’s have a competition on who’s the most degenerated mma fan! My guess is probably… Kentyman! Oh wait, no, that’s deranged! Same same.

    Btw Fightlinker, I fucking forgot to bully your head up your own ass for saying on the radio show that Mobb Deep is a rapper, pretending to be all down with the hip hop scene and everythang, LOLZ.

  • maafaka

    try to bring in the fuckthechamp guys as sponsors and lets paint the so called “MMA,world of honor” in brown, diarhea brown…

  • Tertio

    /taps foot

  • Foreskin Face Pete

    i know i’m still drunk from last night, but this looks like the same orange ass website i’ve been looking at since last summer

  • Matt (tapout name shitstain)


  • igorpunck

    It’s friday, and it’s morning. where are the promised goods?

  • Kalak

    Yeah, where is it? Here in Greenland it´s 11 am, even in Canadia it isn´t early morning anymore..

    I´m at work, and if the new stuff doesn´t materialize pretty soon I´m gonna have to actually work at my office, dammit!

  • Fightlinker Jackal

    Confirmed. It is early morning in eastern Canada.

  • bmiller

    8:15 am in Kansas and still no new site. :(

  • kentyman

    Thanks, Swedish guy. :)