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Site News: V5 ahoy!

Aloha, readers! The past few days have been pretty scant for content, and you might have been asking yourself “Why oh why has Fightlinker forsaken us?” No, it was not for parties and beers and other fun times. For the past few weeks, Jake and I have been working non-stop on the long rumored “Version 5″, and I am now happy to say that V5 will go live THIS SATURDAY. So while this weekend will probably end up being just another average event for the UFC, you can at least go into it knowing that is going to knock your fluffy pink Hello Kitty socks off.

Not only will the new site be live, but we’ll be doing the standard totally sweet play by play, radical chat, and bodacious post event radio show y’all have come to know and love. Gnarly!

**UPDATE** If you haven’t already done so, and you’re wondering where the latest Low Blow episodes are, you need to switch your subscription to the new Fightlinker podcast. Open up iTunes, do a search for Fightlinker, and select the familiar Jackal logo. If you think iTunes is gay, I still want you to fucking subscribe. Why? Don’t ask why, just do it.

  • pauli

    personally, i’m hearing +350 on v5 working.

  • Jemaleddin

    Shit, I’d put money on as little as +120. :-)

    (best of luck, fellas!)

  • EdenMachine

    As long as you get rid of the 1990’s HTML “frames” thing!!

  • Steve

    Doing a major overhaul on the same day as a UFC PPV and a live blog?

    Good luck with that.

    I forsee a major clusterfuck in your near future.

  • fightlinker

    The whole thing is up and running as we speak. We just have to flip a switch and it goes live. And yes, the frames are gone!

  • koolpaw

    “V5 will go live THIS SATURDAY”
    (checks calender…)

    oh! so its 6th… Dec. 2008 !!!

  • Higgz

    That post was just missing COWABUNGA and TURTLE-RIFFIC!

  • RoB

    i always though COWABUNGA had a L in it???? CALLABUNGA???????? michealangelo has forsaken me

  • wayne gretzky

    Why do I fear that you will try to do like Playboy who always puts a rabbit logo somewhere on their cover and you guys are gonna try to hide some testicles or Goatse in the graphics?