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Siyar Bahadurzada still blames Strikeforce, is scary

During Scott Coker’s most recent interview with Ariel Helwani after Strikeforce: Diaz vs Cyborg, he claimed that Siyar Bahadurzada’s recent tourrettes outburst was unwarranted because they just needed him to get his P1 Visa in order. Siyar then sat down with Ariel on the MMA Hour and responded that it was the responsibilities of the pig fuckers at Strikeforce to apply for that … AFTER signing his contract.

I’m not an expert on immigration – I just tell the border guys wherever I go that I’m a sex tourist and they let me through, sometimes with a coupon booklet. But this seems like a relatively easy procedural fact for some intrepid journo to look up. Who’s lying? Siyar or Strikeforce?

As for Siyar’s crazy freakout:

Bahadurzada told Helwani that he wanted to apologize to his fans for the language choice, but said he felt disrespected by Strikeforce and that’s when his “dark side” surfaced.

“My mentality has been like this since I was born in Afghanistan in the war and I’ve been raised in the war. I’ve been through a lot. …I used to fight with older guys on the street who were not fair to me, and I would beat the sh-t out of them. I would not take anything from anybody. That’s why [my grandfather] called me ‘The Killer.’ This is my dark side. I tell everybody I have a good and a dark side, and my dark side comes out every once in a while when I really feel I’ve been disrespected.”

Damn, his grandpappy called him ‘the Killer’? I’m pretty sure you don’t get that nickname in Afghanistan unless you actually kill people. Oh, Siyar, he is so funny we call him the Killer. No. Not there, man. Over there it’s ‘Oh, someone crossed Siyar so he stabbed them through the neck with some steel rebar.”

UPDATE: Jackal Pewnt to Scott Coker: “YOU LIE!”

  • frickshun

    You know someone’s a crazy motherfucker when they don’t have a “good side & bad side”. Instead he has a “good side & a……..DARK SIDE!!” (cue scary music)

  • pewnt

    I did a little looking, and came up with this:

    What are the documents required for P-1 petition for athletes or athletic team?

    The petition filed by a U.S. employer must include:

    Tendered contract with major U.S. sports league or team or one commensurate with international recognition and

    Any two of the following:

    • Significant participation in a prior season in majors
    • International competition with national team
    • Significant participation in a prior season for U.S. college or university or intercollegiate competitions
    • Written statement from U.S. official in sport about athlete or team’s international recognition
    • Written statement from expert or sport’s media as to international recognition
    team or individual ranking
    • Significant honor or award in sport


    So (IMO)Scott Coker is once again full of shit. ”

    How it looks to work:
    Employer signs contract with fighter.
    Employer Applies for the “Form I-129 – Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker”
    Fighter applies for a P-1 Work visa.

    No contract, no visa


  • glassjawsh

    like a Quentin Tarantino film, that last paragraph managed to make a gruesome death both awesome and funny, DAP!

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Total Pewntage.

  • pewnt


  • fightlinker

    Post updated for additional pewntitude

  • pewnt

    For the record, if I had found something like: “The “fighter” must apply for a P-1 Visa to be qualified as a Nonimmigrant Worker”. I would be siding with Mr. Coker on this one, but it appears to me that without a contract a fighter would just be pissing away the application fee.

  • subo

    Gee if only someone you knew had wrote this up last week…

  • frickshun

    Quick….someone pat Subotic on the back before he kills himself.

  • agentsmith

    Again he references the shit he saw in Afghanistan.  I definitely respect that kinda thing, but at the same time, when someone keeps bringing up their “survivor story” in conversations that have little or nothing to do with it, it just comes off as a douchey attempt to sound tough.

  • subo

    ^ I didn’t get that at all.  You know he’s seen some shit.  Probably leads him to have a shorter temper.

  • FiveBoltMain

    pewnt laying down the smack on Scott Cokers ass!!

  • Rikers

    More Coker bullshit…surprise surprise!

  • subo

    Pewnt – you got jacked, son.  Your wares are now being peddled at SBN, with due credit.

  • pewnt

    Great Subo, this is really gonna help me shake the stigma of being a “Sleeper agent of Subo”.

    Thanks for the credit, but I have to pass it on to Google, CTRL-C, and CTRL-V for all the hard work. Lets not forget to give Mr. Coker his due for making enough bullshit/uneducated/outright lies, to inspire me to call him on his fuck ups.

  • subo

    It’s really Afromowitz’s lazy ass more than anything.  At least make up a convincing, not-easy-to-debunk fake story.

  • pewnt

    Come on Subo, your asking a Strikeforce employee to be able to think beyond five minutes in the future.

    We all need to adopt Mr. Coker’s attitude.


    Nick Diaz’s “Isolated Incident” this weekend. He’s fought back stage, in the hospital, in the cage after a fight……….but this is the first time that he climbed up on the cage, and engaged in a verbal altercation with the audience.