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Slow weekend

I’m gonna be spending my weekend futzing around with the new site design, so I make no guarantees as to how much content will be showing up for the next 48 hours. Just a heads up in case you were expecting 5-8 posts a day over the weekend like we do on the weekdays.

**UPDATE** If you see this, you’re on the new server. Oh happy day.


    Thanks for passing on my email to Happa, Linker you da maan!

  • steve24

    Getting closer to the new site going up? Next week maybe?

  • marshal

    Hamill = robbed

  • fightlinker

    Getting much closer :-)

  • Matt

    Man, this new server is badass!

  • Thomas

    Don’t like this server, my food came to the table cold.

  • defranger

    SLOW MY ASS!!!!!!! Babalu in strikeforce and probably will kill someone now because the refs wont stop the fights and he wont stop so it will be to the death

  • Thomas

    deranger just ruined a future post

  • defranger

    sorry had to throw it in there