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Sneak Peek at MMAJunkie’s new site layout

Hey everyone! By now you’ve probably heard that MMAJunkie was supposed to unveil a new site design last night at midnight, and then they totally pussed out last second because Mr Junkie got on TV and they don’t want to switch shit up while the site goes through a retarded influx of moronic FoxNews viewers.

Anyways, if you didn’t know, me and Dann are like tight. Christmas presents tight. Back rub tight. And while we’re the acid tripping cousin to MMAJunkie’s business executive, we still get some access you other peeps don’t get.

So lo and behold, the MMAJunkie guys have sent me a screenshot of their new site design. You can check it out here.

  • Kris (

    I like it.

  • pauli

    fl could learn from that layout.

  • kentyman

    Needs more orange.

  • bmiller

    i like orange!!!! and having three different themes :( :(

  • Accomando

    Needs more Ads.

  • Matt

    I love ads.

  • intenso

    needs more orange ads

  • Jersey Tomato

    What a huge f’ing disappointment. Looks like it was put together by a fourth grader with rudimentary HTML skills.

  • Big D D

    funny shit

  • kentyman

    Or as Blake Bowman would’ve said, “MMAJunkie’s new site looks like a second grader drew it.”

  • Mobb Deep

    Looks like a heroin junkie made it.

  • bmiller

    Any one up for Heroin Hero the GAME??

  • marshal

    Speaking of deadlines. *comics* *cough*

  • Jemaleddin

    Wow – I’d forgotten how sickly and weak fonts look on a PC… Ewww. It’s like a staph infection of the nav bar.

  • falkofire

    not enuff bullshit ads

  • ajadoniz

    You need to throw in more ( lines in there.

  • marshal

    What about an Evan Tanner comic, his boat is sinking in the background and he’s choking in his own vomit, then Anderson Spider launches a knee through his nuts while Dana counts some Benjamins.

  • Mr.ThePlague

    Hand-job tight?