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So how did Haywire do at the box office?

I just watched Gina’s movie today so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for me to wow you with my own take of the totally done to death Haywire review. Tonight we’re just gonna check out how Haywire did business wise. You know, because we geeks like that, yo. We track ticket sales, attendance, and ratings for MMA, so why not movies as well? Here we go!

There’s bad news and there’s good news. The bad news is that Haywire came in 5th over the weekend, beaten out (from top to bottom) by Underworld 7, Red Tails, Contraband, and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. The good news is that doesn’t mean the film was a flop – modest expectations are the name of the game when your movie gets shuffled into the January deadzone. Relativity media had estimated an 8 million opening weekend and Haywire pulled in … 9 million! Success?

While critic reviews of the film are still up at an almost silly 83%, viewer reviews have the film down lower at 54%. Which I think is the perfect number for this flick. If 0% represents fat brown turds being smushed into your face and 100% a transcendental nirvana experience, 54% is a big meh leaning just a little bit towards yeh. Which sums things up quite nicely.

As for what this means for Gina’s career, we’ll have to wait and see. Maybe she’ll move on to more roles like that rumored Percy Jackson part or maybe she’ll be one and done like Quinton Jackson. Haywire not flopping is a good sign, but Gina’s doe-like first steps onscreen and vocal redubbing aren’t. Steven Soderbergh has shown he can hold a non-actor’s hand and guide her through a major motion picture without it being a total mess. Whether Gina will be able to do it on her own is another thing all together.

  • Cat Snipers

    i thought underworld 9 was pretty good. haven’t seen haywire but my friend in L.A. was at an interview with Gina for press about the movie. She saw Haywire and liked it soooooooo eh.

  • Reverend Clint

    should have been direct to dvd

  • Cat Snipers

    So not too good then?

  • iamphoenix

    staight to vhs.

  • OlyReigns

    Straight to the trash can..

  • Symbul

    I so don’t care about this.

  • frickshun

    It should have went straight to Youtube. No, straight to gif. No, straight to meme. No, straight no chaser. No, straight outta Compton. No, straight up now tell me. No,

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    We Hardly Knew ye

  • Mal666

    I seriously enjoy watching steaming dog shit rather then this movie ..Atleast the steam is real and not dubbed ..How he convinced Ewan and Micheal Douglas etc etc to play in this is beyond me .Her interviews are rather bland also and for how many years are we gonna hear her compare fighting to sex wow move on dam no wonder cyborg demo`d her she was busy dry humping her leg thinking about sex …

  • frickshun

    ^^You’re not gonna believe this but some actors are……in it for the money!! THAT’S how Ewan & Mikey got on board. After all, Ewan’s bar was set so high after Star Warts.

  • Elfenstein

    don’t diss on Star Wars, I might have to kill you now..

  • ChubbyChaser

    The above picture is indicative of this piece of trash. Gina is firing the weapon and her finger isn’t even on the fucking trigger-WTF?
    Aside from the first fight scene and a couple of nice front kicks throughout, this movie sucked balls.
    Even excusing her gaining 25 lbs. from beginning to end, looking HORRIBLE in a wet suit and having her voice dubbed, this is one of the worst movies ever.
    Fuck this movie.

  • frickshun

    How could ChubbyChaser have a skinny Azjn chick for his avi? Kinda ironic. Unless he meant “chubby” like he chases boners……

  • Reverend Clint

    its a ladyboy in his avatar

  • Mal666

    ^^^ LMAO

  • Letibleu


  • ChubbyChaser

    That’s my sister in the avi. If you’ve never had a tranny, you haven’t truly lived.
    Haywire still licks bung.

  • CAP

    If you’ve never had your sister, you haven’t truly lived.

  • Maurice Adelmon

    The music was lame and I think that’s a big part of why it didn’t do better… the movie itself is great from an action point of view but all that slow jazz in between the fight scenes makes you feel like you’re watching a TV imitation of Hitchcock