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So it begins…

Shoot me in the head now. From the Toronto Star, a story entitled ‘Man feels bullied by UFC tweet':

Bullying is bad and you shouldn’t do it, UFC fighters told Toronto students at a recent Rogers Centre event.

“We’ve all been picked on or made to feel small,’’ Sam “Hands of Stone’’ Stout told middle and high school students Tuesday, appearing in support of the UFC’s community service program.

But Dana White, the Las Vegas-based president of the mixed martial arts organization Ultimate Fighting Championship, wasn’t in the audience.

Maybe he didn’t get the message.

When a person tweeted his complaint about Canadian UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre being injured and unable to fight, White responded Wednesday on a Twitter public feed: “I hope you get kicked in the nuts twice today.’’

When he saw that, Darius Ross, a 43-year-old Toronto freelance editor, jumped in. “I saw that coming from the mouth of the UFC and that was my gut reaction,’’ Ross said, explaining why he tweeted: “This is why UFC cannot be given a platform in Toronto schools.’’

White then tweeted: “Then why do you follow me? Hide ur children crybaby!!! I will be in Toronto in two hours!!!’’ (White appeared at a news conference Thursday to promote a Saturday UFC fight at the Air Canada Centre.)

Ross then tweeted: “Should I consider that a threat?”

White responded: “omfg, lol, u are weird.’’

White could not be reached for comment on Thursday.

Ross, who occasionally watches UFC fights, follows White on Twitter mainly because he often announces UFC events.

Many others jumped into the public feed with tweets, almost every one insulting Ross, some making homophobic comments. Almost all would qualify as designed to make Ross, in UFC fighter Sam Stout’s words, “feel small.’’

Ross, who is straight, said the comments from White and others could certainly meet the criteria of bullying. But he said he’s a confident man “with a fully formed personality’’ and is immune to this sort of “trash talk.’’

“But my point is . . . how do you square that kind of banter from the public face of UFC with taking a moral high ground position, standing on a podium and lecturing kids on how to behave? I just don’t see how the UFC can lecture kids on bullying when bullying seems to be such an intimate part of MMA (mixed martial arts) fan culture.’’

The Twitter feed is also accessible to young teens and preteens, and the language and attitudes set a “terrible example,’’ he said.

  • kvelertak

    Why are Canadians such bitches. Looking at you GSP.

  • glassjawsh

    a “fully formed personality”

    but obviously not a fully formed genitalia

    i know this because a full set of balls would get in the way of his pussy being so sore

  • scissors61














  • MadMan

    Dana White has resigned effective immediately—no matter that it’s first offense. An example must be made!
    This twitter shit is gettin insane.

    “If you’re a UFC PRESIDENT watching this, the bottom line is I AM smart. I HAVE common sense. I know what to say and what not to say. If it has something to do with KICKING PEOPLE IN THE NUTS or any of this crazy stuff, shut up! Don’t be talking about it, you know what I mean? You have no place talking about it unless you’re on a show and the topic is KICKING PEOPLE IN THE NUTS, which none of our UFC PRESIDENTS should be on a show like that anyways.

    It’s just one of those things where I have to have common sense. If I was dealing with stupid people – if i WAS A STUPID PERSON … stupid is stupid, you can’t fix stupid. I AM NOT STUPID. I AM smart, intelligent, I went to college, I have families. I NEED TO USE MY common sense. I know what to talk about and what not to talk about.

    If I think something is funny… keep it to MYSELF. I’M not a fucking comedian. What I think is funny, other people might not. Unless I wanna stop BEING UFC PRESIDENT and go become a fucking comedian and open up for Rogan, THEY dont wanna hear MY jokes. THEY don’t wanna hear what I think is funny.”

  • P W

    Dana shows again he’s a fucking oaf. No surprises there.

  • shillyer

    they guy says that UFC should not get a platform in from of children. Dana says something like well I am going to be there so if you think I am inappropriate to children you should hide them. Thne the guy asks if it is a threat? WTfuck man. Canadians suck. 


  • iamphoenix

    Instigator to the max.

  • Boog

    After seeing the article, I tried to follow the twitter exchange.

    It’s clear to me that this Darius Ross is some kind of spotlight-seeking whiny obsessive asshole, who was determined to get his ugly mug on the front page of the Star via this twitter feud.

    The Star was only too eager to pick up on the story because the brother of Toronto’s asswipe of a mayor, Doug Ford, supported the UFC anti-bullying initiative, and The Star is currently in an anti-Ford war, so they’ll smear anything that the Fords support.

  • SkippyKid

    We all get a kick out of Dana being ‘real’ and ‘honest’.. Reading his twitter is funny..

    But the reality is.. eventually this is going to become old and tired and too many people will wonder why the head of a big sports orgnization tells people they should ‘get sand out of their vagina’.. and he ‘hopes they get kicked in the nuts’.

    There is a reason big sports and big companies don’t have CEO that do this stuff.. it’s because long term it doesnt work.

  • Symbul

    It’s pretty hyperbolic to suggest this is serious bullying and that Dana has ruined this man’s life (as real bullying can do) but yeah, Dana needs to wise the fuck up about his twitter use. This is not how a 42 year old man should be behaving online (I wiki’ed that), nevermind the president of a large sports organization.

  • Reverend Clint

    what a homo… hope he gets raped

  • shanaconda

    You mean “surprised” right Rev….. like …. in a van

  • Reverend Clint

    no i hope he knows its coming

  • Redping

    ‘omfg, lol, u are weird’ – yeah i’m sure kids could never relate to that!

  • iamphoenix

    ^ to add to that, kids are not these innocent beings of holiness and virtue. They cuss, eat boogers, kill n00bs on the playstation and get kidnapped by joan for the sexual thrill.

  • SkippyKid

    Agree with Phoenix… kids.. who the F do they think they are..??

    Walking around.. with their baggy pants and their hip hoppy music.. not to mention walking around..

  • iamphoenix

    Skippy, youre fucking cool. Maybe one day we can be internets friend and share amazing stories about the internet.

  • fightlinker

    yeah most 11 year olds are already fouler than Dana White, comparing that shit on twitter to the bullying some kids really face CHEAPENS AND MAKES A MOCKERY OF THE REAL KIDS KILLING THEMSELVES OVER BULLYING

    Bam, turned that PC shit right around

  • SkippyKid

    Love internet stories.. of all the stories (from the internet) they are the best ones..

    Needless to say.. I am in.. (but also out)..

  • Oontyex

    since when did people have the right to not be offended, if you dont like the tweets – dont look at them, dont like seeing fights – dont watch it, dont like what fighters say – dont tune into it/ take some responcibility as a parent and teach your kids that fighters may not be the best models of how to talk/ act

  • Dodectagon

    This reads like an article from The Onion. “Middle-Aged Canadian: Internet Full of Homophobes, Inappropriate for Children”

    Somebody send this dipshit to 4chan, with any luck he’ll claw his own eyes out the first time he sees a tranny.

  • agentsmith

    “omfg, lol, u are weird.”

    I think the important thing to note here is that a 42 year old multi-millionaire head of a corporation writes the same as a teenage girl.

  • FilmDrunk

    I fucking warned you this was going to happen, didn’t I? First they take our rape jokes that aren’t even fucking about rape, next thing you know they’re coming for everyone.


  • G Funk

    You talkin bout UFC or Fightlinker?

  • DJ ThunderElbows


  • Letibleu

    erect? how many? at the same time? too vague.

  • CAP

    LOL at Dana lecturing about bullies! Takes one to know one. (<–that is a threat btw)