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Some Bellator Moments for you…

What ever happened to the Bellator Moments? Back in the day, any time someone on Bellator would pull off some sick finish, the promotion would be flogging a Youtube clip of it an hour later to make you regret not watching. But since heading to Spike, that doesn’t seem to happen any more. The most you’ll get is a show roundup posted a week after the event. And that’s no good!

So here in GIF form are some of the best moments from last night’s Bellator. Above, Michael Chandler drums Dave Rickels’ head against the canvas. After the jump, Ben Askren goofs Andrey Koreshkov and King Mo ground and pounds Jacob Noe. Not a bad night for Bellator’s second Summer Series show. Now the big question is if anyone else watched it…

Gifs via da ZP)

  • tekk

    I honestly think Chandler would beat Benson Henderson. Badly. I can also easily see Askren tooling GSP. Not sure what that means in the great scheme of things.

  • CAP

    Chandler is looking legit. But so did Lombard and he hasn’t done much in the UFC. It feels like there is a big talent disparity in Bellator which reminds me of EliteXC where they favored certain “marketable” fighters. There are some fun guys to watch but overall it still feels like a step down in skill level with a few exceptions.

  • brent brookhouse

    anderson silva also looked impressive beating up on a weak division.
    At least in the eyes and minds of 13 year olds.
    You just cant tell until they’re measured against a known quantity.

    They might catch a for reals left hook.