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Some lady started swinging at Overeem

Not much info has come out regarding the altercation Alistair Overeem was in over New Years weekend in Vegas, which sucks because I have so many questions about the alleged face shoving of some chick. Was it full on with palm enfolding face and 180 degrees of shove? Or was it half slap / half shove? Was it someone who (as Nick Diaz describes them) deserves a slap? We’re still waiting for more answers but Dana White shares what he heard from people who were there:

“He had to use the restroom – this is my knowledge of what happened – (and) security was going to take him,” White said. “He said, ‘I don’t need security,’ and sure enough he goes over there, and his side of the story is some lady started yelling at him and swinging at him and everything else.”

This is Vegas, a place where Keith Jardine’s mom will attack you for talking smack about her boy. How many deranged Lesnar fans were on the strip over New Years Eve grieving /intoxicating over the loss of El Poopgut del Cocksword? Even without the crazy wrasslin fan demographic, there were probably a bunch. Add in the people who loved the fake stuff … well, let’s just say ” target=”_blank”>it’s still real for them, dammit.

  • agentsmith

    It took her almost 3 years, but the Toilet Woman finally found him.

  • iamphoenix

    IASIP is the greatest show in the universe. and what was this lady doing in the mens restroom? Maybe it’s a tranny so really he can’t be charged with assault.

  • iamphoenix

  • agentsmith


  • noiseless

    now do the one with the guy at a bar who punches some bitch yeeeaah

  • glassjawsh

    couldn’t get me anywhere near drunk enough to take a swing at that gu (and I’ve been drunk enough to take some yeti looking bitches home from the bar) just move aside and let the giant murder faced man have what he wants

  • Blackula Jonez

    Broads are more fearless than guys when pissy drunk.