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Some women aren’t happy about Miesha Tate vs Ronda Rousey

The Miesha Tate / Ronda Rousey bantamweight title fight in March hasn’t even been officially confirmed yet and people are already spazzing out over it. No, not just in fanboy anticipation – this is after all one of the biggest WMMA fights that can be booked right now. Miesha Tate was quite vocal leading up to all this that she didn’t think Ronda was ‘worthy’, and now replaced #1 contender Sarah Kaufman is telling the press how bullshit the whole thing is:

“I’ve earned the title shot,” she said today. “I’ve had the Strikeforce title; I’ve had two good wins coming off my only loss in 15 fights, and I’ve earned and deserve the right to fight for that title.

“Having Ronda have the option of coming in and fighting at 145 pounds, having two fights with Strikeforce, and all of a sudden, she gets a title shot at a division she doesn’t fight in, it’s a slap in the face.”

“Ronda talks a lot,” Kaufman said. “She’s really told everyone that she’s attractive, and for that reason, she is marketable and should get a title fight. Definitely, dislocating Julia Budd’s arm opened people’s eyes. But what doesn’t make sense is that she hasn’t done anything at 135 pounds; she hasn’t even proven that she can make 135 pounds.

“I just don’t understand how she can be given a title shot that she hasn’t competed in when there’s someone at her weight, (Cristiane) ‘Cyborg’ (Santos), who’s waiting and looking for opponents, and Ronda’s the only one in that division that’s done well.”

Oh, call the Waaaaaambulance, someone’s got their panties in a twist. Sarah Kaufman doesn’t exactly have the world’s most compelling case for a title shot either. She’s only had two fights since she lost the belt and they weren’t much to write home about. Certainly not Gone in 60 Seconds amazing like Ronda’s fights. Everyone sighed when Coker started talking about rolling Kaufman back into the title spot because it represented everything wrong with the way they book women: it’s the same thee / four women involved in everything. Now someone new is getting a shot and that’s a bad thing?

And while Rousey’s cage time is lacking because she keeps wrecking opponents too quickly, those fights are still the proof in the pudding that her Olympic judo skills (the ones she used to win a bronze medal) are transferring just fine and should be accounted for whenever we bring up her relative worth in the division. Growing up and training amongst a who’s who of Armenian UFC fighters also tells you something about how ready she is. You have to ignore a metric butt-ton of facts to pretend Ronda Rousey is as green as some people pretend she is.

Rousey is positioning herself as the next big thing in WMMA, something the scene needs right now as Zombie Strikeforce limps on trying to find some meaning for itself. Zuffa would be stupid not to make this fight and make it now. Kaufman’s had two and a half years in the spotlight (a spotlight she didn’t always appreciate or shine under). Now it’s Ronda’s turn. The great thing is if she doesn’t deserve it she’ll get her ass kicked. MMA is fun like that.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Seeing as Ryan has an enormous hate boner for Sarah after that one power bomb KO that dare not speak its name.

    Bolivia called they want their salt back Ryan,

    I live in Columbus so I am going to try and see this live. Kaufman is more deserving but everyone likes someone who finishes fights.

    The main x factor/uknown variable is how is Ronda going to perform after her first big weight cut, she looks fine at 145 and competed in judo @ 70 kilos/154 lbs. Who the fuck knows if she can get to 135 and still be the alpha judoka she regularly is.

    Kaufman already defeated Tate anyway and Tate hasn’t shown anything to make me think her skillset has changed in anyway to deal with Kaufman any damn way.

  • fightlinker

    they’ll never take my saltiness away. It’s mine!

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Remember when Kaufman actually tried to market herself socially for that one fight, got some notoriety, and then stopped?  Yeah, me too.

    Now someone’s marketing herself more and getting ahead.

    I just hope Kaufman (who – despite my kvetching – I’m actually a fan of) puts this frustration into her training and her manager starts pestering them daily for a fight.  Talk less passive shit would probably help her out too.

  • Giallo

    I’m not gonna pretend that i followed women’s shit too much, but based on records its obvious who’s deserves it more. That said I love Ronda’s attitude in and out of the cage.

  • CAP

    Book it and start making the mud NOW!

  • fightlinker

    stupid CAP, they fight in JELL-O™

  • kwagnuth

    Leave her alone Ronda can’t help that she’s purdy.

  • CAP

    Good call JELL-O tastes much better.



  • OlyReigns

    Ronda asked for Kaufman than Tate, I saw her say it. If Kaufman feels Ronda is not deserving then she can go have her arm taken by that sexy beast. That being said I do think Ronda needs to not be scared of Cyborg. I think she has what it takes to beat her. I think she should take the belt in her own division, then worry about getting both. Tate’s best asset is her sweaty camel toe, she wont have that belt for long.

  • Redping

    ^^ yeah brazillian monsters only weakness, armbars! And if that fails, we all have to watch Ronda get her face pummelled in and Ryan will be crying about it on here for weeks. I think ronda over-exposed herself and now they’re realy rushing her because of her popularity. Hopefully it doesn’t work out to be a bad thing, Miesha is fairly good everywhere and Ronda is only good in 1 place. If ronda doesn’t take it it’s not going to be the most exciting fighti don’t think

  • iamphoenix

    bitches be crazy yo, all up in our grillz about this and that.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Cyborg just pissed hot for the roids they took her belt and shut the division down.


    Looks like Ronda made the right move dropping to 135 now that the 145 division is all pretty much defunct now.

  • OlyReigns

    I don’t know how anybody would think she was not on steroids. I just figured she was doing it in away that she could get away with like everyone else. Women don’t look like that unless they are hiding a dick somewhere.

  • OlyReigns

    All the real women she beat up should be allowed to line up and get some free shots in.

  • Reverend Clint

    ^sounds hot

  • G Funk

    Kaufman reminds me of Mike Brown when he held the belt. Always screaming, “What about me!?”

  • frickshun

    Black–>you crispy bastard…..I was never giving a page hit to BE!!