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Someone needs a rhinoplasty sponsor

Brandon Vera didn’t seem to know if he should be impressed or horrified by the mess Thiago Silva made of his nose. This is the second time in a year and the second fight in a row where he literally got his face smashed by his opponent – Jon Jones broke three bones in Vera’s face back in March of 2010.

(pic via MMA Mania)

  • agentsmith

    It’s literally dented like a car’s fender. Funny how quickly he went from showing it off to covering his face like Micheal Jackson.

  • Reverend Clint

    all he needs is a broken jaw and his whole face has been smashed

  • frickshun

    His nose now looks like his career.

  • Reverend Clint

    atleast it mathces how the fight went on his record L

  • Márcio

    Brandon Vera, Shark Fights awaits your overrated ass. You can now have that rematch against Keith Jardine that no one wants to see.

    Seriously the dude has less heart than a jellyfish. He should ask his wife how to fight but she’ll probably kick his ass in a light sparing session.

  • CAP

    I’ve seen and heard enough from this guy.