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“Sorry I didn’t make it to the beauty pageant”

Nick Diaz walks us through how totally screwed he is on camera. He was just about to go do totally radical things in boxing and then the UFC lured him away with this bullshit GSP fight. Those jerks.

  • iamphoenix

  • Reverend Clint

    fuck this mexitard

  • kwagnuth

    He’s right someone doesn’t want him to win and it is himself. If he was coming back from the airport after missing his flight you would think his manager would have known where he was. Some people go through life fuckin themselves and everyone around them over and then blame it on the world. He has nobody to blame but himself and he just showed Dana that you don’t give title shots to fuckin idiots because you never know they might just win the title and then your stuck with them.

  • Garp

    Kwagnuth – ditto.
    I think this video seals the deal and Dana drops him… but I bet Dana totally dicks him over by not letting him do jackshit until the last possible date on the contract rather than dropping him tomorrow.
    Someday Diaz will remember today as the day he fucked himself. Pulled his own dick off, grabbed it at the base, bent over, rubbed his taint, then shoved it in his asshole. Really hard.

  • agentsmith

    Well that video just explained everything. Thanks, Nick… now it all makes sense.

  • kvelertak

    Fuck the haters. Dana is the promoter, not Diaz.


  • KeyboardWarrior

    He didn’t even explain himself the retard. And he doesn’t look as upset as he should be, motherfucker.

  • noiseless

    tsk, fighters..

  • Blackula Jonez

    So much talent and ability in such a confused and misguided package.

    This dude like so many other pro athletes needs a life coach or mentor to help him get through shit like this. Because he is clearly incapable meeting his obligations by himself.

  • lukustra

    so disappointed. i dont like the decision to pull him but diaz is such a tard its unbelieveable. i hope they dont cut him.

  • Komodo

    Carlos Conduit.. harr!

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    “It’s disturbing, to say the least. He got what he deserved by not taking this fight. He told everybody he would do whatever it would take to do it, he lobbied for it, and he acts like this. Dana White is 100 percent correct in what he did.”

    Cesar over at MMAJunkie

    This is such a waste.  This was his second chance in the UFC, does he get a third?  Dana already said he ‘lied to his face’ when he promised do all this stuff when they signed the contract.

  • CAP

    So disappointing. Dude gets the big opportunity he’s been asking for and just blows it. Especially after telling Dana he would show. Only a complete moron would think that’s a good idea to skip. I can’t feel bad for him he can’t help himself.

  • G Funk

    “your are a simple one.”

    HA! Pewnani does it AGAIN! In the very sentence where he insults someone else for a lack of mental power he displays his own literacy deficiency! Love it.

  • pewnt

    kvelertak, you(r) are a simple one.

    Anyone hating on Dana, he is being more than fair to an employee that “no call/no show” for two big days of work. Anyone who thinks that Dana is being unfair, here is what I would do.

    Sue Diaz for Breech of contract (promotion is written into the fight agreement).
    In the losses I would go after:

    – the $15 000+ for plane tickets.
    – the cost of renting both press conference venues.
    – the cost of transporting the UFC crew to the press confrences.
    – the cost of all the posters/bill boards, and rental space where they have been displayed.
    – the man hours producing tv spots, and promotional videos for the fight, and the cost of any commercials that have ran.
    – Pay to have updated tickets printed.
    – Legal Costs
    – ANYTHING that Zuffa paid out of pocket to get this fight promoted.

    Sure a judge may give me all the damages I’m looking for, but these actions may teach the child that you have a job. DO YOUR JOB!!

    Show the little twerp what happens in the REAL world.

    I hope that Nate does no get caught up in all this BS.

  • pewnt


    Good thing that I am willing to admit that my English is bad, and my typing is horrible.

    Just for you G Funk.

    you are

    Now I’ll go type them 100 times each

  • benhamil

    Just cut this clown and let him find out there isn’t any money to be found at the end of the rainbow where Diaz fights boxers who haven’t been relevant in 5 years.

  • FiveBoltMain

    when your coach doesnt stand up for you, you know you screwed up.

  • glassjawsh

    @ DJ – actually this was his third chance in the UFC. first he got wrestle fucked and cut. then he left for a promotion that never even put on a single show. now this.

    the shitbag needs to get cut and go fight in Bellator or BAMMA (or DREAM)

  • kvelertak

    Dana gambles more than that on a daily basis.

    I could give a fuck if diaz junks 10 plane tickets. Ya’ll some marks.

  • frickshun

    ^^Dumbass. The point Pewnt is making is that Diaz no-showing caused direct financial loss for Zuffa. Who fucking cares if it was a tenth of a percent of their revenue for the show. Diaz was at fault. He’s lucky as fuck that they are giving him a fight. I hope BJ embarasses & punishes him for 15 minutes.