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Spank Tank: Gina Carano, queen of the boners

Either we’ve never done a Spank Tank on Gina Carano, or the search function on this website sucks. Okay … the search definitely sucks, but if a Spank Tank exists on Fightlinker but no one can find it, does it really exist? Wherefore is the spank if one cannot access the tank? So since Gina is a pioneer in WMMA sexiness, I figured the day would not be complete without a post devoted to her.

20 pictures after the jump – I did my best to find the hottest pictures you don’t see plastered all over the internet. Well, other than the Maxim and ESPN Body Issue shots, but leaving those out would just be stupid.

  • CAP

    That first gif is just magic!

  • fightlinker

    The second one is probably as close to her O face as we’re ever gonna get. Unless Douchebag Cope really does have a video

  • Predator8u

    dude just realized how much she’s got that young, innocent, country like britney spears look in the face . fuck kip cope. Wasnt his stupid mug in some show on spike years ago. They’ed do dumb shit on it.

  • agentsmith

    There’s a search function here?

    I just use a site-specific Google search, like this:

    “search text”

  • fightlinker

    google doesn’t crawl fightlinker properly. I think we choked it back in the day with our wacky system and since then it hasn’t re-indexed us

  • subo

    Nice tit separation with the cell phone there.

  • scissors61

    The second gif is the closest we’ll ever get to seeing her O face even if that asshat Cope *does* have a video.

  • lunatic
  • cock chestnar


  • Simco

    Black eye pic is still my favorite.

  • Jim

    Damn she looks good on a weighting scales

  • lukustra

    the first gif had me mesmerized for like 5 minutes.

  • SprechenSieDouche

    Hey – Gina’s the star of a huge new ‘Bourne’-like movie. I’m not a total MMA zombie (anymore) so this is prob old news to you, but you can get a little insight into the making of the film and commentary on her acting abilities from her co-star in his interview here:
    It’s episode 8. great stuff.

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap mmmmuurrrrrr….zzzzzzzzz

  • Omomatta

    That first gif should be illegal in 48 states……. including Puerto Rico.

  • agentsmith

    I believe that’s Felice Herrig and Kerry Vera in the 12th pic.

  • Letibleu

    I concur about the 12th pic. It is Felice and Kerry (we are all 3 on a first name basis. Just kidding, just Kerry and I).

    There was a spank tank done about Gina back when those drunken party lesbian pictures came out. Remember those everyone? Not this one but this one.

  • frickshun

    I’m over her. No, really. Also, any Jackal that uses the term “fap” probably needs to be banned.

    LOL is still okay though.

  • Hamdi

    Can you imagine how qkiucly Brett would get power sodomized being alone with Brendan? Brendan is an alpha male who doesn’t play by the rules and Brett is so weak he literally can’t stop an old Chinese woman’s assault on a public bus. Vince’s comedy diffuses an otherwise rapey situation where nerds get jock justice.