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Spank Tank: Quinton Jackson teaches us about a fine Vietnamese tradition

Here’s Quinton Rampage Jackson hanging out at a Vietnamese Coffee Shop. I’ve never heard of these places before today, but apparently they’re the Asian equivilant of Hooters and the waitresses wear either skimpy outfits or just body paint (as seems to be the case above). While I’d be slightly concerned about the pube content in my java, I think it’s a small price to pay to be served by some hot semi-naked chicks. If you’re ever looking for a gangster named Tran, I bet you could find him at one of these places too!

After the jump: a bunch of Vietnamese coffee shop pictures and videos showing just how awesome these places are.

Sexy New Vietnamese Cafes:

Sexy Vietnamese Cafes Revisited:

  • SST

    I’ve traveled up and down Vietnam, but have never seen half naked girls at any of the cafes I visited. (I’ve been chased by Vietnamese transvestite prostitutes though in Siagon).

  • Rodriguez

    There’s a lot of them up in San Jo. Apparently at one, Cafe Quyen, there’s girls who wear body stockings or fishnets and nothing else. Tea *and* a boner for only $5 (plus a 100% tip).

  • G Funk

    Pretty cheap, Starbucks is the same chit – the wood

  • Mal666

    Now by saying Vietnamese transvestite prostitutes you mean Gus Johnson right ?

  • repenttokyo

    that’s dr. johnny tran to you, son.


    i never narc’d on nobody!

  • fishead

    Ryan … ever hit up any the joints in Montreal that have “serveuses sexy”… this kind of shit goes on in your own backyard!

  • Letibleu

    Serveuse sexy is usually topless.

    Most serveuse sexy places I have been are x stripper caliber which is like watching your aunt do housecleaning in a garter belt or bikini. The places with the nice girls have inedible food.


  • repenttokyo

    why not just go to the buffet at sexe d’or?

  • repenttokyo

    or chez paree?

  • G Funk

    or le lait de boules?

  • fishead

    I know… I’ve heard horror stories about one on the south shore where grandmothers wear thongs (at least two sizes too small) over top of moth-eaten nylons…

    …but I thought it would be pretty sweet if Ryan ventured out of the house for a first-person experience.

  • sapall

    I have been to cafe quyen several times, saw fitch, swick and Josh thompson there once. KOS did not go because he is a homosexual.

  • CAP

    Spot on Mal666 hahaha!

    Obviously that one guy up there cannot possibly be cheered up and just wants to drink alone. (pic#7)

    Can you order “take out”?

  • chiggs


    Was the Tranny Prostitute named Liger by chance :P Bwahaha
    Rampage is the Man though, always having fun, doesnt give a shit what anyone thinks, way should be. Cant wait for him to Crack Jone’s head open..