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Spank Tank: ‘Special Guest’ Allison Diehl

No one really knew if Hooters contest winner Allison Diehl was gonna be a permanent addition to the Octo-girl squad or just a one-time participant. Considering the UFC is referencing her as ‘Special Guest Octagon Girl, Allison Diehl’, I think it’s safe to say she’s one and done. Allison, we hardly knew ye. And neither did the internet – there are barely any shots of you around! The 10 shots that are, we’ve compiled after the jump.

She looks hotter in a Hooters outfit anyways.

  • G Funk

    Jesus Christ, Palmer square pegs has a melon head!

  • frickshun

    She makes my dick limp.

  • agentsmith

    She looks possessed in the 2nd last pic. I TOLD YOU GUYS TO VOTE FOR SUSAN!

  • fightlinker

    her best picture is the one at the computer where she’s au naturelle.

  • glassjawsh
  • scissors61

    i think she’s okay, but i have a weird thing for chicks that look like sweet dee from “it’s always sunny.” 

  • subo

    ^ Yeah.

    Also, this T-Mobile chick is bangin.

  • ghostboner

    Slightly cavewomanish, but I can dig that, being a recent emergee myself. I agree that the best one is that shot at the computer.

    If the non existent body language that I made up seeing in the 4 ring girls pic is accurate, Britt and Arianny are banding together to form the cool octagon girl clique. Most likely because Arianny knows that she has been outclassed by Squareboobs McMelonhead, and is trying to remain on the winning team. That or they are just doing it cause Shaun Della is black.

    Edit: Spongeboob Squaremelon? She is still my fave of the current choices.

  • Reem.Hadouken

    would smash.

  • Reverend Clint

    yeah she looks too done up except in the candid pic of her being attacked at the computer

  • fightlinker

    hey, she does look like Dee from It’s Always Sunny.

  • scissors61

    maybe they could make an episode called “the gang gets implants” and have her guest-star. 

  • glassjawsh

    “sweet dee gets a boob job” i’d watch that

    way to miss my mechanical monster reference


  • Predator8u

    She does look like sweet dee from the right angles. I just want natasha back or some exotic chick. Get some TAN, BIG ASS Brazillian bitch. That would be my suggesttion