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Spike says most people want tape-delayed sports

First Spike said they time-delayed the UFC event this weekend because they needed the extra time to ram it’s ass with the gargantuan cockload of ads necessary to make money (1 hour’s worth out of 3 for those counting). After everyone with a brain noted that they do this regularly with Fight Nights, the official answer is now ‘Most people prefer their sports several hours after it happens, and after all the fights have been spoiled.’

“We air when most of the viewers are there, which is prime time,” Schwarz said.

In 2010, it’s harder than ever to avoid “spoilers,” and many hard-core MMA fans find it difficult to avoid finding out the results online. But Schwarz says the hard-core MMA fans who are reading MMA web sites on a Saturday afternoon are a minority of the audience.

“We love the dedicated fans,” Schwarz said. “We keep giving them more great stuff, from the Pride library, with Countdowns and Primetimes, we understand that they like the immediacy of it. But for the majority, this works.”

And although many fans said they were disappointed to learn UFC 120 results from the ESPN crawl while watching college football on Saturday afternoon, Schwarz said he doesn’t see that as a problem.

“If I find out Carlos Condit knocked out Dan Hardy, I want to see that,” Schwarz said. “Sometimes if I see that on the ticker it makes me think — I’ve got to check that out.”

Yeah, there’s nothing better than learning about the one finish on the main card in advance!  Look, Spike. We know the majority of your shitty programming relies on people looking to escape their dreary lives with a few hours of mind numbing television. But this is a fucking sporting event, not some moronic episode of Manswers. People wanna watch it when it fucking happens. In fact, many will break the law (risking ruinous fines and a few years in jail, as the UFC loves to remind us) so they can see it live. Most would prefer to do that legally, on Spike, even with the Clockwork Orange style inundation of the same beer / army / oil / saw 3d commercials every 10 seconds. So stop being tards and start showing us the events live, goddamnit.

  • Omomatta

    Obviously Schwarz never celebrated Xmas morning.

  • frickshun

    Ryan–>why the fuck are you lurking on this site when there’s a Mac event going on RIGHT NOW!!

    Also, I have to agree w/Spike. Like Omo’s micropenis, hardcore MMA fans are the minority. Is that shocking to anyone?

  • dawgbone

    I’m sure everyone who noted that Spike does it with fight nights also knows that Spike is in control of the production of those event right?

    Or is that too much to ask?

  • Omomatta

    @Frick…Ha! You’re so gay for me…….. it’s slightly scary. Do I have to have the same talk with you that I had with FBM?

  • FiveBoltMain

    We never had a talk.

  • frickshun

    Oh….I thought you guys had “the” talk. And now you’re officially a couple.

  • FiveBoltMain

    For a second there, I thought you were talking about the “talk”…the birds and the bees :P

  • Schrute Boxe

    well gee whiz ryan if there’s a better way for me to know every ten minutes about how wacky the new season of blue mountain state is i’d like to hear it


    Sorry to disrupt your homoerotic conversation and comment on the write up, but this just seems obvious. People wanting to see fights live, not you all three being gay for each other. Even though that’s obvious as well.

  • Schrute Boxe


  • Omomatta

    always thought so.


    Your mother(s).

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  • iamphoenix

    ^ i agree with this. I love it.

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