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Spoiler alert!

Am I the only one who thinks it’s a bad idea to stick the end of the main event on the cover of the Yarennoka DVD?

  • LOL

    Well…seeing as how that isn’t actually the end of the main event…I don’t think so.

    That was the first sloppy arm bar that Choi gets out of. The second one was a dosey.

  • Lifer

    fedor’s armbars are just so sloppy.

  • godzillad

    I can’t stop laughing at the shooped smile on Fedor’s face

  • clint notestine

    Its probably the only selling point of that event… at least for the non hardcore fans.

  • D-Rock Dizzle Jones

    sloppy arm bars? YEA OK!

    You guys don’t even know how to do an armbar.

    or get out of one.

  • clint notestine

    I usually don’t let other guys touch their nuts to any part of my body let alone my arms so yeah i don’t know arm bars.

  • el feo

    that is exactly what I thought when I looked at it. of course I guess you could show Kimbo landing a KO blow and it might sell more.

  • Popetastic

    He’s finished quite a few people with those sloppy armbars.

  • Jim Brown’s Long Lost Son

    Fedor being in a fight is a spoiler itself so it doesnt matter.

  • EdenMachine

    First thing I thought of when I saw that.

  • Dick

    It’s a great picture though.

  • natureboy

    I think the picture in the bottom left corner with Choi hanging his head in shame whilst Fedor raises both his hands in glory is far more telling than the armbar.

  • Audacity

    People have stopped caring about what happens in a Fedor fight and who he’s fighting. All that matters is that he fought and won. “Fedor is fighting [name] and won by [method]” seems to be all it takes to sell.

  • Stryker

    It’s a pretty cool picture, but you guy are overreacting, I mean it’s been 5 months since the fight, so probably 99.9% of the people buying the DVD are aware of the outcome.

  • MJC_123

    What Fedor thought Choi?
    Awesome….When did that happen?

  • http://fightlinker Robert


  • Kel

    Doesn’t matter…I don’t think that this will be a top seller anyway…They could probably put all of the results on the back cover and they would still sell the same amount of copies = 3

  • clint notestine

    Who buys MMA dvds anyways? I own some king of the cage dvds only cause they cost like $10 to get 20 cards but download every thing else.

  • Higgz

    What if the Usual Suspects had a picture of Kevin Spacey with a huge grin on his face on the cover…that would be hilarious!

  • MacDaddy

    Why would it matter of they put the end of the main event on the DVD cover? Everyone knew who was going to win before the fight even started.