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Spong wrecks Bonjasky at Glory 5

Tyrone Spong made his successful MMA debut at World Series Of Fighting’s inaugural event, but while WSOF 2 was going down in New Jersey yesterday, he was busy kick(box)ing ass in the main event at Glory 5 in London.  Despite 3-time K-1 champ Remy Bonjasky’s size advantage, Spong dominated from the opening bell until a hard right hook dropped Bonjasky through the ropes midway through the second round.

That makes the second aging legend Spong has KO’d in as many fights, having stopped another 3-time K-1 champ in Peter Aerts last June.  Now sporting a 5-fight win streak and a record of 69-6-1-1 at only 27 years old (!!!), Spong is the current young lion of kickboxing, and a shot at Glory’s heavyweight (and only) champ Semmy Schilt is likely next.  As for the 37-year-old Bonjasky who recently returned from a 3-year layoff, it may be the end of a glorious career.

Overall, it was an entertaining and fast-paced whirlwind of a show, with 11 fights crammed into a 3-hour broadcast, all of which hilariously introduced by the Screaming Pride Lady.  Check out the rest of the results and more sweet gifage by Zombie Prophet over at Bloody Elbow.

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    you even ganked the title of my forum post. rude

  • glassjawsh

    also OMGWTF??? subo’s anti-helwani vitriol post got removed…


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    Thanks Smith for the quality work. Nice to read an article without any hate.

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    ^^ HaHa I was going to say the exact same thing. I noticed some thing was different about the fl site. That post has had the most comments in FL history and it got ganked. LOLZ

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    it was kind of entertaining as a outsider, but I’m glad it was pulled.

    jawsh – did you get your tattoo?

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    Kudos to Ryan on that. 24 hours after WSOF and Glory and all we had was some bullshit about Helwani. Made the site look ridiculously bad.

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    Indeed, props to glassy for inspiring the post title.