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Jackal GonzoDamon posted this pick up in the forums from MMAWeekly. Note the fountain of blood squirting out of Stevenson’s head. No wonder everyone ate UFC80 up like the dogs they are … it satisfied all our primal urges. Knockouts, beatdowns, comebacks, bloodbaths. It had everything*.

*except for a quality fast paced war between two equally skilled opponents where fighters showed their skill and versatility on the ground and on the feet. And if any of you bastards say Kelly/Taylor I’ll reach through your computer screen and slap you in the face.

  • Fightlinker Jackal

    Pretty tough to argue MMA isn’t a brutal sport. Anyways, I hope BJ disposes of Sherk just as easily.

  • ajadoniz

    when life gives you lemons make… a FUCKING BLOODBATH?! I remember it oozing and dripping out. Not fucking squirting, geez. Nice.

  • mmaninja

    it’ll be BJ who’ll be bleeding, but we’ll see

  • dignan


    Penn is amazing.

  • zex

    rip sherk

  • Jemaleddin

    I don’t see BJ having too much of a problem with Sherk. He’s a little fireplug at 5’6″, but without his secret sauce, Sherk is going to have problems dealing with BJ’s skills.

    Then again, if Sean does a better job of cycling on and off his Vitamin S, he might subject us all to another of his boring style of takedown, takedown, takedown without doing any damage or going for any submissions.

  • dulljake

    i’m going to vomit…

  • Mike_N

    If St. Pierre, Hughes, Gomi, or Jens couldn’t finish BJ (and yes, I saw the second Hughes fight, which was stopped because BJ’s rib was broken and he was stuck under Hughes), I wouldn’t necessarily bet the mortgage that Sherk’s going to.

    Unless you actually WANT to lose your house, I mean; if you do, then by all means bet away.

  • Amy Robinson

    I wonder if that was from the pressure of the rear naked choke and not simply the cut itself.

  • Big D D

    Ooooh! let get my glass…I love fountain drinks!
    Get ‘em Penn!

  • GonzoDamon

    Yeah, that was MOST DEFINITELY from the choke! Cuts always GUSH when a submission is applied in the general area. That’s what made the crowd freak out like they did when Sobral was choking Heath. They were already turned off that Renato was laying such a nasty beatdown on David, that the ref wasn’t stopping it, and then the camera zoomed in on Heath during the replay. His head cut was oooozing all over his face and down Sobral’s anaconda choking arms. HOWEVER, I can’t recall EVER seeing the blood spurt in any other fight like it is in that picture. I was curious how BJ had gotten the inside of his arms so splashed with blood.

    Linker, thanks for posting the pic (not pick, by the way). As soon as I saw that picture, I was certain that I knew a group of people that would be fascinated by it…

    (Man, I’m glad you were even able to see the picture. I’m going to have to get used to this forum format. But, eh, maybe I’m just an idiot. )

  • operator

    When I watched the fight I wasn’t sure if I saw blood squirting on the matt but now it is confirmed. Joe must have some thin blood cuz he was oozing pretty good.

  • muhr

    Another instance where blood sprayed from a cut during an RNC was Denis Kang vs. Amar Suloev. The bridge of Amar’s nose was cut and you could see a a few jets of blood.

  • fightfan


    Are you going to be the first to post pics I have yet to see ANYWHERE. You know what I am talking about.

    The pic of cannabalistic, blood thirsty, BJ Penn passionately licking Stevenson’s blood from each finger of his glove….ON BOTH HANDS!!!

  • ajadoniz

    tarantino movie.

  • BK

    It’s called Photoshop folks – and pretty crappily done at that.

  • GonzoDamon

    No BK, this is the original, untouched image from Lee Whitehead. Well, Linker did the arrow and the nifty zoom in, but the blood is real.

    Watch -the fight- and then you will confront your ignorance.

  • MacDaddy

    Yup, on the broadcast when Penn sank that choke in, it looks like someone is splattering paint on his forearm with a squirtgun. Having you carotid artery squeezed upwards with a cut like that, must have just been pushing the blood right up there too.

  • Big D D

    —-Here is Espn’s pictures from UFC 80…worth checking out!…they have another angle of the blood spurting out of Joe’s head….Pic 11 I believe.