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Stats say Tim Sylvia is da best!

There’s two saying regarding stats: “80% of all statistics are made up” and “You can twist stats to mean whatever you want them to mean.” I’ve always been partial to “Shut the fuck up with your bullshit stats”, which has lead to a lot of issues where the Compustrike guys and I end up at the same events. And by issues I mean headbutting. Where’s your stats for me headbutting you repeatedly, motherfuckers?

Anyways, this isn’t about Compustrike, this is about other bullshit stats:

Tim Sylvia, twice holder of the UFC heavyweight belt, was always in MMA fans’ sights, mainly the American ones, for being a boring, uninspired fighter. However, the big man, who recently left the American organization to join manager Monte Cox’s latest enterprise (Andrenaline MMA), doesn’t even need to defend himself from persecution, the numbers do it for him.

According to the site, Sylvia leads the list of heavyweights with the highest career knockout rates, winnning 57% of his fights in this way (16 of 27). In second place comes Mirko Cro Cop, whose days at Pride brought him to the 52% mark.

Completing the list is former IFL fighter Ben Rothwell, with 50%, former UFC fighter Andre Arlovsky, with 47%, Alexander Emelianenko (44%), Randy Couture (29%), Gabriel Napao (27%), Fedor Emelianenko (21%), Fabricio Werdum (21%), Heath Herring (17%), Josh Barnett (15%) and Rodrigo Minotauro (8%).

Now regarding Tim Sylvia, he’s not the TOP knockout artist out there. Jake ‘Blanket’ O’Brien is. Seriously! Take a look at his Fight Finder stats … his KO rate is 80%, which blows Tim Sylvia out of the water. As for Timmy’s KO stats clearing him of being a boring piece o’ shite, how about we look at his decision stats: 5 out of 7 fights in the past 2 years went to decision. Sooooo yeah. It actually makes me hate Timmy more knowing that he’s CAPABLE of knocking people out, he just doesn’t because he’s a vagina.

  • clint notestine

    Sergei Kharitonov has 46% ko rating. Roman Zentsov has 64% and Paul Buentello has just under 70%.

  • garth

    didn’t timmeh’s KO’s drop off the table after Frank Mir broke his arm?

  • garth

    i just went and looked and tim has 11 fights since the crotch of doom destroyed his arm, 2 KO 2 TKO

    also, 4 straight decisions til his sub loss to nog (3-2 in his last five, tho of course the 2 losses are to handy and nog).

  • Nachtfalter

    I don’t know if it exists in the English language but in Germany there’s a saying that roughly translates to “Don’t trust any statistic you haven’t faked yourself”. And that’s about right. I never understood the (especially American) obsession with weird stats. I actually kinda like American Football and Basketball but the whole statistic crap annoys me to no end. I really don’t care about the percentage of complete passes someone throws with his right hand on sunny days compared to those with the left hand in closed arenas. I just don’t. And in terms of fighting statistics are even less interesting. Headbutt those nerds harder next time!

  • ajadoniz

    lol vagina. anyway, there needs to be a higher weight added to recent events. either way, i dnt think stats really matter in determining an outcome of a fight because theres always those flash knockouts and “oppsie-subs”. i hope timmy is still fighting not to lose so that fedor gets embarrassed.

  • andres

    Ok so out there who really is the highest knockout artist any weight class tell me that fightlinker!

  • el feo

    the point is most of his KOs came in his pre UFC fights. All of his boring shit came in fights we were expected to pay for.

  • Boog

    You want bullshit stats?

    Check out The site ranks fighters based on a statistical calculation using only their fights from the past 3 years.

    Check out their WW rankings. GSP isn’t even in the top 20!

  • garth

    well, that’s a good way to show that a ranking site is worthless.

  • kentyman

    I’m sure plenty of chumps have 1 fight, 1 win, 1 knockout, andres.

  • andres

    Ohhh haha so that’s 100 percent haha
    Ok my bad but you know what I meant