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Stephan Bonnar is just as bewildered as you are about this Anderson Silva fight

(“Huh? Wha? I’m fighting who?”)

MMAJunkie sits down with the American Psycho and finds out exactly how he went from basically being retired to fighting the top pound for pound fighter in the sport:

The UFC wanted him to fight Glover Teixeira, whose original UFC 153, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, had scratched due to an injury. But Bonnar had been talking about his “rule” for months – and if guys can’t pass his entrance exam, they’re probably not getting in the cage with him. After 10 years in the biz and 14 UFC fights, the rule is Bonnar’s price of admission, and he doesn’t feel like he needs to apologize for it.

“My manager hit me up and asked how I feel about fighting Glover Teixeira,” Bonnar said. “And I said, ‘You know my rule. If I’m going to do this again, he’s got to have more Twitter followers than me.’ I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s true. That’s how I feel. That’s a measure of someone’s popularity, and I just want a bigger name. The last three opponents, I’ve had more Twitter followers than them, and I’ve beat them, and I feel like I deserve a bigger name now. I really don’t have an interest in fighting an up-and-comer type, guys who are climbing their way up and people don’t really know how good they are. I’ve done that a lot in my career.”

“I got another text from (my manager) asking how I’d feel about fighting Anderson, and I laughed,” Bonnar said. “Like, ‘Yeah. Good luck trying to pull that one off.’ Of course I’d fight Anderson – 2.5 million Twitter followers? Geez. Like this will ever happen.’ … By Thursday night, it was everywhere, and I couldn’t believe it. I played a little phone tag Friday and got ahold of (UFC President Dana White), and lo and behold, it was true.

“I think it really set in (Sunday) that I’m fighting Anderson Silva. I’m still a little bewildered.”

The good news is that Stephan wasn’t Matt Serra fat on the couch when he got the call – he’s still living that fighter lifestyle, and has spent the past several weeks helping Batista prepare for his fight with Rashad Rashid Evans on October 6th. And considering the power of the gypsy curse upon us, I think it’s not too far off of a stretch to imagine a situation where both of Anderson Silva’s anterior cruciate ligaments explode in the cage and Bonnar is declared the winner.

  • Reverend Clint

    good for Bonnar, probably help sell a few extra tickets with name recognition alone

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I can’t wait for this. I hope he takes Forrest’s advice.

  • ChildKillerM16

    Are you implying that the alleged GOAT is fighting another inconsequential shlub?

    Instead of Evens, instead of Weidman,
    instead of Belcher,
    instead of Boetch…

    Thank god I haven’t been paying attention!

    The only thing that I regret (Eh, not so regret) is my fixation on FL.

    If only Ryan had a NOT MMA website.

  • drunkenjunk

    did Anderson fuck your mother or do you just have some pent up gay crush on him? All you do is talk shit about the guy. Get over it, he took the fight on short notice to save a card in his home country. Belcher was hurt/not deserving, Weidman isn’t deserving and Boetch is the same. When did Evans even come into the mix, was he gonna step up on short notice to cut a bunch of weight and fight Andy? You’re not even good at being a troll.

  • bosswell

    Drunkenjunk. Don’t feed the troll. It will attract more.

  • drunkenjunk

    ^you’re right

  • eljefe

    Bonnar you’re worried about your followers you need to worry bout getting your dollars up

  • ChildKillerM16

    “Get over it, he took the fight on short notice to save a card in his home country.”

    The mind of a 13 year old.

    I’m sure that cumjunky is physically OLDER then 13,
    but the intellect of a 13 year old makes a better child killer!