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Stephen Quadros is up to something funky

This is a goddamn sexist world, isn’t it? Women get to post cam-whore shots of themselves all the time on Myspace, but the very day after a guy does it he gets a big post mocking him on Fightlinker. Well, he does if he’s Stephen Quadros and he’s apparently doing some creepy late night shirtless self portraits.Before today if I was gonna bet on which Sherdog Radio host spent his evenings taking these kinds of pics, I would have guessed Jordan Breen. There you go Jordan, are you happy I’m expanding my characterizations of you past Japanese trivia buff?

  • garth

    Is “Japanese trivia buff” code for “tentacle rape fetishist”?
    For some reason, when I saw that pic, I couldn’t stop thinking he was humming the theme from Superman.

  • Kris Karkoski

    And it’s his default picture too… I’m not going to question just why you spend time trying to find shirtless pictures of the Sherdog guys.

  • Accomando

    I always just thought he just looked a little wierd, but this picture is distrubing.

  • Brent Brookhouse

    This looks like the first photo a guy sends before he ends up on “To Catch a Predator.”

  • Matt

    Dude has like 10 screen names on the UG. BaronVonBeatdown, now that’s a laddie!

  • garth

    Kris: you made such a good point there that it drew blood. YIKES. There’s some a-doins a-happening in Canananadia I guess.

  • Mike O

    this is what is known in the business as his “Rape Face”

  • Jonathan

    1. Is he gay?
    2. How old is he? In some pictures, he looks old, and then some, he looks like he is 30.

  • Mobb Deep

    Take that picture down. I feel he can see me.

  • Kris Karkoski

    Don’t worry, I’ll confront Ryan on it in Cincinnati.

  • Lifer

    my wireless network is called TentacleRape so all my neighbours will HOPEFULLY google it.

  • kentyman

    You should call it “” instead.

  • Mr. Theplague

    This helped me uncover a repressed memory- The fight professor touched me in my bathing suit area. He made me call him Bas while he did it.

  • Accomando

    Seriously, that Quadros guy is freaky/scary/why is he into MMA?

    And what the hell kind of name is Quadros anyway?

  • bmiller

    !!****MUST READ****!!

    He looks like someone I know. Oh yea this guy. The very first picture of the link.

  • bmiller

    sorry but for some reason the link isnt working right, go to Rawlins county and check out this guy. Does anybody else think that it might be the same dude??

  • Jordan Breen

    Let us be clear. I only participated in a tentacle rape scenario once. I didn’t inhale and I didn’t try it again.

  • Beau

    bmiller, I looked at the link and it looks nothing like him. Unless you think all white guys who wear glasses look identical.

  • hbdale309

    Quadros is not taking shirtless pics of himself, he’s just doing … THIS.