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Strikeforce / EliteXC tonight

Tonight is the Strikeforce / EliteXC co-promotion, and if it lives up to the fist event it’s going to be great. I can’t spend too much time breaking everything down about this because I have some ‘reporter-type’ duties I’m attending to today, but here’s the odds from BetUS for the show:

  • Gilbert Melendez -700 vs Gabe Lemley +500
  • Nick Diaz -500 vs Jae Suk Lim +350
  • Jake Shields -500 vs Drew Fickett +350
  • Cung Le +180 vs Frank Shamrock -230

I’d say the best underdog bet is Jae Suk Lim, who’s odds combined with Nick Diaz’s flat performances lately make him a reasonable gamble. Drew Fickett’s got the same fat line and might have the grappling chops to give Jake Shields some trouble, so if you’re feeling extra adventurous….

On the more reliable side, I honestly can’t see Frank Shamrock losing to Cung Le in a million years, and his odds are okay enough to offset any risk you take on those other fights.

As always, if you’re going to gamble, do it like Evan Tanner: fuck going halfway! Okay, maybe that’s a bad idea. But if you’re going to sign up with someone, Fightlinker recommends BetUS, not only because referencing us while signing up helps support this site, but because Damon and Travis are good people who send us drunken birthday txts on our cell phones (even when it’s not our birthday!).

  • danaunclefesterwhite

    Tonight? I thought it was next Saturday?

  • Robert

    Yeah, it is next weekend. LOL. what a downer

  • Kris

    Yeah it’s the 29th.

  • ttt

    would have been nice to have it today to make up for the dq last nite

  • Popetastic

    Too late to recant now. I’m gonna bet that tonight’s results will be… inconclusive.

  • Pontus

    You made me doubt myself for a second!
    DAMN YOU! I was happy for five seconds and looking forward to some great fights tomorrow.

  • Thomas aka Hattori Hanzo

    Yeah, I was gleeful until I checked the strikforce website.

  • Method

    damn you fl, i was so excited

  • jaydog

    It’s a week or so early for the fight AND for April Fools jokes.

  • Jackie Chiles

    Too bad. I was looking forward to a basketball break later tonight.

  • Punishark

    It better be next week – I have tickets waiting at will call!

  • catch


  • GonzoDamon

    Damn you, Ryan!! I had even called my friends and they were prepped to come hang out! Clearly, that beer isn’t going to make it for a week in their fridges….

    bastard…..I thought I had something to look forward to this weekend…

  • hbdale309

    Alright! I had no idea it was tonight; thanks for the reminder. I’m going to head out to the arena now and start tailgating. I’m by myself, but I’m sure the parking lot will be packed.

  • mike o

    FIST POST!!!@!!!!

  • Lifer

    totally lame :(

  • Fightlinker is Wrong

    … nuff said.

  • Matt (but I signed up as Mr. Unbelievable Pants)


  • Eric

    this is definitely next week…whew.

  • Higgz

    I wondered why no body else was covering it.

  • igorpunck

    It is today guys, the event is in Japan due to time difference it will air in US and Canada only next saturday.

  • Spork


  • andres

    Wtf the shows here in sanjose I get to see the gayest of gayest fighters fight haha front row bitch naw jk I hate “aka” and “shamrocks gym” fuck them tribull bitch we run sanjose

  • Tony Spilotro

    Now there is an entire week for people to take fightlinker’s hot action tip and fuck up the betting odds.

  • igorpunck

    can we trust linker now???

    first Luke Cumo and now this.

    I think not!!!

  • Zane

    Haha no way will Fickett be able to do a damn thang. Shields is a ten times better grappler. Has anyone ever seen the video of Shields choking Jon Fitch out? Very Cool.

  • XtremeFightster

    God damn stupid fightlinker, got my retarded ass all excited…. can’t even get dates right you fucking drunk bastards.

  • airipsus

    Ryan step away from the bottle you boozehound.Your drinking yourself into next week you fool.

  • Atom

    I understand that its Easter (unless that was last weekend for you) but why the posting delay with all the atheism at FL headquarters?

  • Zheroen

    This may well be the most hilarious Fightlinker post yet. Kudos, good sirs.

  • Jose Bastillo

    Man, the Strikeforce event last night was awesome! Too bad it’s tape delayed until next week, all the poor bastards have to wait until then to see it. We had great seats for a great night of fights, you guys will be happy to see Frank get KTFO. It was one of the most brutal KO’s we’ve seen.

  • fightlinker

    oops :-p

  • http://fightlinker Robert

    what an idiot, its on the 29th

  • MJC_123

    Ryan and Jake wont be getting the call from Pro Elite this week after all, word on the street was Sam was getting fired on Tuesday but now you have made them rethink!
    Dammn you linker….so close


    Maybe if you leave this up till next week it will make more since.