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Strikeforce: Fedor vs Henderson breakdown

Everyone loves a Scott Smith fight because no matter how badly he’s getting his ass kicked you know he’s one punch away from a crazy comeback for the ages. But at some point on Saturday night it started to get a little disturbing watching as Tarec Saffiedine backed him into a corner to unleash endless kicks and elbows upon his brainbasket. There was no comeback for Smith last night, and no comeback for the brain cells he lost either.

Tyron Woodley vs Paul Daley is a fight that shows you the difference between New Strikeforce and Old Strikeforce. Old Strikeforce never would have put one of their exciting strikers up against a blanket like Woodley. New Strikeforce is all about that. Even though it was a matchup that almost guaranteed non-stop positional jockeying, it was legit in terms of rankings and skills test so it was made.

And it sucked. Oh did it suck. The two most frustrating parts:

1. Tyron Woodley spending 10 minutes trying to get Paul Daley down, only to do absolutely nothing once he got there. BOO THIS MAN!

2. Paul Daley miraculously getting into an advantageous position in the final minute of the fight, only to forgo striking for AN OMOPLATA. ‘Paul Daley omoplata’ is up there in silliness next to ‘Royce Gracie matrix kick’ and ‘Chuck Liddell gogo.’ Ridiculous.

Almost as ridiculous as Tyron Woodley outstriking Paul Daley. While I gotta give big ups to Paul for improving his takedown defense, it still only takes one successful takedown per round and Woodley was willing to work til he got it. Meanwhile, Daley was so busy preparing for the shoot that he didn’t manage to get anything off while on his feet.

The rest of the fights after the jump!

Unlike Paul Daley, Robbie Lawler had the ability to stay on his feet and the time to get something done with his fists, but never managed to let his fists go against Tim Kennedy. Kennedy did a good job of staying aggro and attacking with a hodgepodge of strikes, shoots, and scramble grappling. Meanwhile, Lawler looked listless at times and did so little in the third I wondered if this was a video game and whoever was playing Lawler had left the controller to take a dump.

Down two rounds, he just stood in front of Kennedy shucking and jiving his arms but never actually attacking. It was one of those WTF performances that has me waiting to see if he comes out afterwards saying both his hands or several ribs were broken or something. It’d be better than finding out his body was fine but his head just wasn’t in the right place.

Miesha Tate versus Marloes Coenen wasn’t the Forrest Griffin vs Stephan Bonnar moment that WMMA desperately needs. It’s not really fair to put that much pressure on every female fight in Strikeforce, but we all know the score. The clock is ticking and without a series of amazing fights that shut up the ignorant fucktards who constantly diss it, all signs point towards WMMA being buried alongside the Strikeforce brand when it inevitably gets folded into the mother promotion. Remember the constant talk about bantamweights and featherweights proving the stereotypes about lighter weightclasses wrong during the WEC’s run? We need that kind of buzz

Unfortunately, it wasn’t created by this fight. And that’s not to say the fight wasn’t good. The girls actually finished their fight, which is something three of the other main card fights couldn’t manage. And things were close, with Marloes and Miesha trading rounds up to the fourth when Miesha finally caught Coenen in a slick arm triangle. But like many of the other fights on the card, there was too much jockeying up against the cage and a lot of positional control on the ground.

Now it sounds like Sarah Kaufman is getting another shot at the belt and I sigh because she’s basically back in that slot by default. There’s a lot of better 135ers out there, they’re just not in Strikeforce. How things are supposed to change when you’ve got the same women and very little new blood coming through is beyond me. Things are not looking great for WMMA in Strikeforce. But I take heart in knowing that it’s alive and well in smaller promotions, and it won’t be kept down just because Zuffa decides it’s not ready.

What’s there to be said about Fedor vs Hendo that hasn’t been said 5000 times by the 27 various SB Nation blogs and their dozens of rando opinion writers? Fedor got into a sloppy, brawling shootout with Dan Henderson and it cost him the fight. If he was smart he would have barreled Dan into the mat and played patty cake with his face for a round or two. Instead he played with fire and got burned.

Then there’s the questionable referee stoppage. Yes, when Herb stepped in Fedor seemed like he was rolling and going for wrist control. Yes, in hindsight Fedor seemed like he could have continued. But Dean doesn’t have magical time travel vision, which is really too bad because that would be awesome. Fedor took a brutal uppercut and went limp face down on the canvas. He didn’t recover fast enough and the fight got stopped. Shitty? Yes. But that’s the sport. It wasn’t a bad call by the ref. It was just … unfortunate.

Last but not least I wanna say something about all this Fedor retirement talk. I swear, every time Fedor was brought up during Showtime’s broadcast, retirement was as well. I’d expect that kinda shit from stupid websites and dopey fanboys. But not from the people broadcasting Fedor’s fight. Personally, I think calling for a fighter’s retirement is one of the lamest things people in MMA can do.

Unless a fighter obviously can’t hack it at any level of the game or it’s clearly a danger to their health, you should shut the fuck up. So Fedor has lost three in a row. So fucking what? His record is 31-4, still way fucking better than most in MMA. He can still win against anyone he’s put in the cage against, and he’s not taking KOs that send him into another dimension where he’s seeing God. So shut the fuck up with this retirement talk, already!

  • subo

    Paul Daley still sucks at wrestling.

  • iamphoenix

    is RM forcing you to do these breakdowns? anyway, i should have bet all my money on henderson and won a bunch of money. i was too busy being in california and totally forgot about that.

    i can’t find any good pics of tyron woodley mom. i wanted to do some shit with her.

    anyone else notice tate’s camel toe? pretty awesome right?

  • fightlinker

    lol no RM isn’t forcing me to do anything (other than KILL THE SPANK TANK!)

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Did they force you to do the Herman interview?

    This was actually a pretty neat roundup and I look forward to more.

  • Redping

    Fedor is a brawler, what were you expecting him to do? Roll for heel hooks? I thought it was surprising that Hendo chose to stand-and-bang, I thought he’d take a more wrestling based approach. I was going for fedor until a friend ruined the fight 10 minutes beforehand and told me what happened, and then it wasn’t so hard to go for Dan anyway, ’cause he was the little guy, for the first time since Silva or Rampage.

    if Jones beats Rampage (unlikely), a Hendo vs Jones unification belt would be a pretty amazing deal, and one where Hendo has like a 90% chance of KTFO’ing the ufc champ

  • KeyboardWarrior

    Herb Dean tries to be too good of a ref by jumping in too early, I mean, as if he cares how much damage a fighter takes unless it’s his dad fighting. More time needs to be given before stopping a fight, especially when it’s a big event. If they were lightweights instead of heavyweights, they’d move a lot quicker, therefore recover quicker. Just like Edgar vs Maynard. So many times he went limp and there was no stoppages. And I’d rather he retire, just cause I get real angry at him when he loses and feel like snapping my laptop. Yes I watch streamed events when the fight cards aren’t worth it kiss my ass so what

  • Komodo

    Fedor / Hendo was fun as fuck right out of the box.

  • DJ ThunderElbows


  • glassjawsh

    fairly certain that redping is functionally retarded. literally everything he just said is wrong.

  • CAP

    Fedor wasn’t out til the shots to the back of the head. But yeah hate on him all you want that MFer puts on good fights. Hendo would KO a horse with a good shot.

    Like said above shit got crazy in a hurry and I really don’t know why the fuck anyone can’t enjoy watching a guy like that bring it every single time. THAT is why I got hooked on MMA. Win or (now) lose he is still is one of the best to watch fight. A lot of people are too busy hating to enjoy what this man does.

    People jizz over Wand cuz of his aggressive fighting style win or lose. Just wish Fedor got the same respect.

    Time for Hendo to start picking apart that P4P list. Anderson next please. The only reason Hendo isn’t in the UFC is because Dana didn’t want to pay him. Looks like he’s worth it to me.

  • Oontyex

    yeh feel for him, agree with CAP – i think alot of the hate is a reaction to the people who have said he p4p #1 even though hes been crushing cans for years, then recently stepped up and is 0-3 against top10 fighters,

    nothing wrong with not being top 10 anymore- still wanna see him fight

  • CAP

    And what the hell was up with Scott Smith. He just stood there and took damage the whole entire time. To me it almost felt like he was taking a dive to put this other guy over, he didn’t do shit. If that’s what he’s gonna do I don’t ever need to see him fight again. That was a horrible showing. I’m not sure he’s capable of headlining a Challengers card with that weak sauce.

  • frickshun

    Cap–>I think you need to check the record books on Hendo vs Andy…….I’m not too interested in seeing it again. Hendo is great against mid-level competition. He couldn’t get it done against Rampage & couldn’t get it done against Andy. Hell, he got out fucking rassled by a 170 lb fighter (yes, I know he generally suxx @ 185). Not impressed. If the UFC is great about 1 thing……it’s not overpaying fighters. Guys like Tito bring PPV buys, guys like Hendo do not. Blame it on his missing front teeth. Blame it on his haymaker right that mostly misses (sorry ’bout that Bisping). Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol.

  • lukustra

    woah, this is the first time i’ve seen fightlinker defend anything fedor. although he got knocked out in his last fight, he even to my surprise recovered very quickly for a 34 and obviously could have continued. not saying he would have won the fight, although he mightve, he couldve been stopped just seconds later. regardless its not like hes getting KO’d by rich franklin either. he got KO’d by a fighter whos KTFO the past 4 of his 5 opponents. he can still continue in this sport if he pleases. most of his alore has been lost but he can still put on a fight.

  • CAP

    Last I remember Hendo was about the only guy not named roided up Chael on an injured A. Silva that got the best of him for that first round. And he was due another shot at Andy when he was let go. That’s an interesting fight to me. Hendo is on a roll. get that MMAth outta here you’re better than that.

  • CAP

    Now that I think about it. If the same rules of stoppage apply, Hendo should have a win over Shields and he’d probably still be the SF MW champ after dropping him like he did that first round.

  • frickshun

    Cap–>winning 1 round via takedown & 2″ hammer fists & then getting absolutely crushed by a punch + subbed doesn’t mean you can win a rematch.

  • CAP

    He deserved another shot when he was still at MW. Franklin got DESTROYED by AS but he still got another crack.

  • Symbul

    “There’s a lot of better 135ers out there, they’re just not in Strikeforce.”

    You keep saying that. Who and where are these women?

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Hendo can beat anyone with that right hand, but Silva has demonstrated that he has the timing and power to knock Dan droopy without getting touched.

  • Nachtfalter

    Ryan… I’d love to hear you (or anyone, for that matter) name even two or three female bantamweights who are better than the four girls that essentially make up the Strikeforce division (Tate, Coenen, Kaufman and Carmouche). This is it. This is the top of the division worldwide. And as we all know the situation at 145 is even more devastating.

    I’m a huge proponent of women’s MMA and I’m sure it’s gonna get better and deeper in time, but Dana and Joe Silva are completely right when they say there’s not enough female Mixed Martial Artists to make up a legitimate division.

    The smallest UFC division in terms of number of fighters under contract is Heavyweight which, according to my headcount, is currently made up by 25 fighters. You can’t even find half that many competent female fighters in the same weight class. I hate to say it, but women’s MMA just isn’t there yet. And it’s not gonna be there for a while.

    I hope after Strikeforce is folded into the UFC, there’s gonna be another nationally televised showcase for the top female fighters. It’s important to have a platform like that to motivate younger girls and top athletes from wrestling, jiu-jitsu and the like to get into MMA. But this platform will have to be a company like Strikeforce that’s essentially thinking from show to show and doesn’t run deep divisions the way the UFC does. Ideally, Bellator would add two more female divisions, but with tv time already stretched to the limit by their seven men’s divisions, that’s very doubtful. Let’s hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.

    Oh, nice breakdown post, btw… Keep it up.

  • iamphoenix

    Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol.

    hahaha…when fight talk gets super scooper fucking boring…

  • glassjawsh

    frick you are essentially right on the henderson analysis. too bad that takedowns and 2″ hammer fists are the only viable strategy when facing AS.

    hendo is as equipped as anyone at 185 to implement it

    im just not interested in seeing him try

  • CAP

    Enjoy the Okami fight…fags.

  • G Funk

    CAP’s emotions are running like a prego chick on the rag! Yes I know that’s an anomaly but can you imagine?

  • FiveBoltMain

    okami’s wrassling isn’t as good a sonnen/henderson. he’s going to get lit up like a tj hooker.

  • CAP

    I’m still dealing with the Fedor/Hendo aftermath/turmoil. Hold me.
    (I was gone all weekend and finally watched the fights last night)

  • glassjawsh

    someone’s going to have to explain G’s comment to butters

  • frickshun

    What does “lit up like TJ Hooker” mean? That was Shatner. Playing a cop. On a television program. Did he smoke a lot on the show or s’thing? Did he immolate himself in the final episode? I don’t get it.

  • CAP

    ^Tia Wanna?

  • Reverend Clint

  • frickshun