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Strikeforce HWGP chat tonight at 10PM EST

Tonight! The end of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Not So Grand Prix, Gilbert Melendez vs Josh Thomson the Third, and Mr Inconsistent Rafael Cavalcante vs Mr Scumbag Mike Kyle. I’m watching for the Barnett / Cormier fight, although for all my whinging I’m sure Melendez / Thomson will be a sweet scrap too.

  • Josh Barnett vs. Daniel Cormier
  • Gilbert Melendez vs. Josh Thomson
  • Rafael Cavalcante vs. Mike Kyle
  • Nah-Shon Burrell vs. Chris Spang
  • Reverend Clint

    cormier looks like he really wants to be there

  • mamoru

    Cormier always looks like that though.

  • kvelertak

    no chat for the prelims?

  • mamoru

    me and andywanging are in there

  • kvelertak


  • mamoru

    Try this.

  • TheHineyHappening

    Lol, cant we all agree that barnett is and has been over-rated for years.
    Probably has been his whole career.

    And lol at almost every dipshit “professional” writer @ BE who swore as usual that he was just too good and experienced and Cormier didn’t have a chance.

    Hopefully he fades off back into the J-prorasslin netherworld from whence he came.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I couldn’t believe so many people were voting for Barnett in their poll.  Barnett’s only chance was in Cormier’s ideal range.  Oh well.

  • TheHineyHappening

    I didn’t even see the polls, but thats exactly what I would have expected.

    Thats the general impression I always get when barnett is the issue.

    There has always been a certain sinister aspect to the barnett believers IMO.

    I’ve got my theories, but they’re all ugly so some things are best explored no further.