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Strikeforce: Melendez vs Masvidal breakdown

(Awesome pics already up at All Elbows! And do you need a great belated xmas gift for that special chick in your life?)

Gilbert Melendez vs Jorge Masvidal: Depending on what blog you’re reading, Gilbert Melendez either amazed with his technical dismantling of Masvidal or did not impress with his decision over a less than worthy opponent. Standing on it’s own, it was a fine performance. But for everyone wanting to see Gilbert ride the hype train into the UFC at 200MPH gunning for the belt, not so much. In order to keep that going, Melendez would have had to stomp Masvidal into the canvas. Instead, he used superior striking to control the fight. Impressive? Sure. Exciting? Of course. Just not in that “Wow, Gilbert just raped a man” way.

Cris Cyborg vs Hiroko: Women who step into the cage against Cris Cyborg are set to take a beating. That’s what refs need to understand when overseeing these fights. Sure, her opponent may not have much of a chance. Sure, they may take some epic blows. But that doesn’t excuse stopping these fights early as the Hiroko fight was. “But Fightlinker!” you say. “Hiroko was about to be toast anyways!” Then what’s the point of even having the fight? Why not just bring both women into the ring, raise Cyborg’s hand, then send them back out again?

Gegard Mousasi vs Ovince St Preux: What ever happened to the Mousasi that set genitals a jingle back in 2008 / 2009? Last night’s Mousasi was the same guy that blew wins against King Mo and Keith Jardine. Ovince St Preux is a promising up and comer but should have been the kind of fighter Gegard eats for breakfast. Instead, Mousasi controlled the fight without doing much to capitalize on that control, leading to a sloppy three round affair. Mousasi blamed being sick and let’s hope for his sake that was the case. It was an uninspired meh performance, something I’m coming to expect from him.

KJ Noons vs Billy Evangelista: I like Improved Wrestling Noons, but what ever happened to Deadly Striking Noons? KJ used to harness the mystic powers of the sweet science to throw perfect punches that knocked dudes out or turned their face to hamburger. In this fight Evangelista ate everything Noons threw at him and kept coming forward. It was a fun if generally pointless fight, a nihilistic complaint that I think is probably going to apply to 95% of Strikeforce fights moving forward.

  • Reverend Clint

    pointless is the name of the game over at strikeforce.

    Gil disappointed me, cyborg scared me, Mousasi still sucks, KJ Noons impressed me.

  • Symbul

    Mousasi’s a genuinely talented fighter and he showed in the first two rounds that he’s a much better fighter than OSP skill-wise but then he just got tired and sloppy. He got the W and showed off some much improved takedown defense since the King Mo fight but ultimately showed he still has a way to go.

    KJ Noons fought like he already had the fight in the books. Better fighter than Evangelista but I don’t know what happened with him last night.

    It wasn’t the best stoppage in the world in that Cyborg fight but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so thoroughly manhandled in 17 seconds (short of a clean finish) as Yamanaka was. Yeah, it’s possible she could’ve snatched up an armbar or triangle when Cyborg got too excited pounding on her but I don’t think that was going to be happening. Just look at those two side by side and tell me Yamanaka is seriously training (and/or juicing) to be a real fighter like Cyborg does. No, you can’t, and unless Strikeforce can start finding some real athletes to challenge her (I don’t think Ronda is ready) this is just going to get worse.

    If she half kills herself cutting to 135 I guess I could see her losing in that division but not at 145.

  • iamphoenix

    fuck, just watched the manlady cyborg fight and shit son dude…totes should have let it go on. I wanna see bitches get smashed. she was rocked sure, but dude could have let her get a complete KO.

  • fightlinker

    Yeah but the ref must protect these delicate flowers dontchaknow!

  • Reverend Clint

    nothing delicate about cyborg… except her psyche

  • Letibleu

    Her testicles are delicate.

  • Jarman

    I fell asleep somewhere in the third round of the melendez masvidal fight. Really, just passed out to come to 15 minutes later, to some garbage that was still streaming. Good to know nothing happened that i didn’t see already. All that mugging from jorge musta made gil feel like it was just another day at practice, cause that’s sure what that fight looked like.

    Hiroko may have been getting up….but guyborg was landing punches continuously till the ref stepped in. most were glancing off, but i could see why his delicate sensibilities told him to step in.

  • Letibleu

    cyborg was the only fight worth watching.

  • KeyboardWarrior

    I honestly think Cyborg would do good in the mens division, I don’t wanna see her fight roussey because she’s too beautiful to get mauled.

  • Reverend Clint

    Melendez vs cyborg on a cargo ship in the pacific

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I gotta agree with KeyboardWarrior – Cyborg’s arms are real hot and I don’t wanna see them get Rouseyed.

    But I do.

  • Letibleu


  • KeyboardWarrior

    So in reality, you don’t agree with me? Because I’m pretty sure you said you agreed with me and then you said the opposite of what I said, which makes you a great big liar and nobody likes you after that. Was it worth it?

  • glassjawsh

    since keytar hero doesn’t seem to know…

    humor (plural humors)
    (uncountable) The quality of being amusing, comical, funny. [from the early 18th c.]
    She has a great sense of humor, and I always laugh a lot whenever we get together.
    The sensitive subject was treated with humor, but in such way that no one was offended.

    you’re welcome

  • Letibleu

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    HaaaaaaaaaaHAHAHAHAHA!  Leti wins at humor.

  • CAP

    That’s her at 155.

  • iamphoenix

    leti, you forget to photoshop her head on a mans body

  • KeyboardWarrior

    lol, nice.
    glass josh, can you elaborate on ‘humor’ a bit more please…