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Strikeforce quick thoughts

(Miesha Tate was not impressed with a certain someone’s performance)

Dan Henderson hit the nail on the head: it didn’t seem like a big deal to be fighting for the Strikeforce light heavyweight title but now that he has it, it’s pretty neat. When Feijao is on, he’s a machine. But he put up another uneven and uninspired performance and Dan Henderson took advantage of it, landing that patented overhand right. Feijao headbutting the canvas did the rest and that was all she wrote. Next up: the winner of Mousasi / Kyle, hopefully.

Everyone agrees that Melvin Manhoef’s takedown defense is looking better every fight. But that doesn’t mean very much when he has to spend the three minutes on his feet that earns him waiting for those takedowns instead of melting his opponent’s face off with He-Man hooks of doom. As for Tim Kennedy, this is one of those dangerous fights where you just don’t get much credit for winning, especially since Manhoef looks so helpless off his back.

Marloes Coenen is lucky Liz Carmouche seemed physically incapable of finishing from mount or we’d have a new 135 pound champion. That should have been the kind of opponent Coenen could beat handily. I think I’m hopping over to Miesha Tate’s Hypno-buttmobile.

Please, no more Billy Evangelista. Especially when you got Gesias Cavalcante riding the bench.

As far as production values go, it’s broadcasts like this that remind us of how good we have it with the UFC.

  • Letibleu

  • FiveBoltMain

    The chick fight was FOTN. That was an Anderson Silva come from behind victory.

  • Reverend Clint

    all the come back story with half the vagina of Anderson

  • subo

    Evangelista looked like dog shit.  Man, that was a terrible pick.

  • glassjawsh

    still better than the versus card

  • Symbul

    I thought the commentary and production were vastly improved*.

    *possibly related to watching the whole stream muted and ignoring it when fights weren’t on

  • redolla

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  • lukustra

    lol at the extreme fanboyism. broadcasts like this remind me how shitty ufc fights are.

  • Predator8u

    @Leitbleu… that made my Day. So Thank you..Is that how Frank does it?

    but seriously someone needs to make Mauro Disappear…