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Stuff goin down this weekend

I had a lot of fun at UFC 77, but from a technical perspective the fights weren’t exactly the most electrifying things in the world. Past the shortlived Belcher fight and the Rich Franklin beatdown, there wasn’t too much that tickled my tinkle – ya know, scratched my fight itch?

Fortunately this weekend isn’t too bad for MMA if you don’t mind not knowing who most of the fighters are. There’s a ShoXC event tonight, and over in Korea there’s a K-1 OLYMPIA HERO KOREA event, which I think is probably MMA in either Greece or Korea. I dunno if I saw the fight card for that or an asian restaurant menu, but I did see Denis Kang on there, who I hear is delicious when dipped in sweet and sour sauce.

So that’ll be my plan this weekend as far as MMA goes. I’ll try to post some stuff on the site but honestly it seems like the entire MMA community has blown it’s collective load over all this Randy / Brock / Wanderlei shit. Right now there’s literally nothing else going on to talk about, and honestly I think I’ve written a novella on this already so unless something new happens over the weekend, I ain’t talking bout randy no more. The end.

But hey, if you guys have some suggestions for blog entries, please tell me in the comments here and if they’re not totally weird or gay (Mike O, I’m looking at you) I’ll be happy to write about them.

  • Jack Morris

    Why don’t you write about where Arlovski is again and Dana’s douche bag comment on how he will fly to Chicago tomorrow to get it settled if he thought it would help

  • Kris Karkoski

    I agree – pretty boring Friday.

  • kermit.01

    Oh come on I already gave you hardcore midget wrestling for this weekend…. What more do you want for a friday night??

    I’ll expect an exhaustive insightful post on tonights show..

  • fightlinker

    I’m gonna watch it, but I don’t pollute this website with wrestling unless it involves morons from wrestling who are going to get their asses kicked in the octagon

  • kermit.01

    Yea, but its Midgets.. I think anything involving Midgets and fighting– even if its is wrestling at least deserves a review….

  • nem0

    Apparently JC Pennington used to do piercings for a friend of mine.

    And said friend is midget-phobic!

    It’s almost like I’m trying to say something relevant! Except I’m not.

  • Matt

    What’s up w/ the ‘new’…
    If there are any milfs behind the scenes of FightLinker..
    Thai Boxing and how much punishment those fuckers take…

  • Kieth Jardine

    Fightlinker, you didn’t enjoy Jason Black vs Matt Grice? Fight of the night?

  • intenso

    I just saw a preview for The Unit and Randy is a guest star next week. And Shark is having a UFC theme for their show next week.

  • Ted Dibiase

    do a top ten list of your favorite Dog the Bounty Hunter episodes

  • Mike O

    *gayest moments in mma history (forrest full body cuddle. heath herring kiss?)
    *top 10 fighters i hope to never see the octagon again
    *where the fuck are the gracies in MMA?
    *drinking games to play while watching the UFC (meteoric rise – 2 shots. goldberg says something stupid and rogan shoots him down – 1 shot)