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Submit your mailbag questions!

It’s that time of the month again! Post yer MMA and Fightlinker related questions in this thread by 3pm EST and we’ll make sure to answer them all in this week’s Low Blow!

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  • thingvolds

    whats your assessment of rener and ralek? money / fame hungry pitchmen for all things gracie, genuine martial artists trying to make the world a better place, or somewhere in between?

  • dick

    Who other than Rashad has pissed in the octagon, and who will be next?

  • SST

    Why didn’t Rampage follow his gameplan?

  • El Loco Gringo

    What kind of man are you letting Jake talk shit about your mother a couple weeks back?  Slap Jake on air hard enough to be heard on the show.

  • iamphoenix

    ^ you can’t leave out ryron gracie. all great guys. wish i could be back on the mats in torrance right now…

  • chim55

    could you guys talk about your experience going to, or trying to go to UFC press conferences? have you guys ever been credentialed? And what are your opinions on some of the “journalists” who get credentialed?

    also, thoughts on anal bleaching amongst porn stars, good or bad?


  • Letibleu

    What exactly can get a Fightlinker fan kicked from the fight night chat? What are the rules and who enforces them? Nothing is clear.

  • CAP

    Please break down the 5 Oz. of PAIN betting negotiations and how it ended up being a weak ass single beer dump.

    Also who in their right mind would take down the 5 latest active forum topics from the sidebar?

    What chance do you give Rashaad against Bones?
    Does GSP/Diaz ever materialize or is that match up in smoke?
    Cain/JDS, who do you got and how do you think it ends?

    Ryan go fly a kite!

  • lunchbox11000

    Is a guy who gets out grappled by Mark Hunt worthy of being under the Zuffa banner or fighting to begin with? Also on an unrelated note, Ben Rothwell looked like dog shit.

    On a real unrelated note after losing to Eddie Sanchez, has Brett Rogers officially hammered in the last nail in the coffin of his career?

  • shillyer

    which fight will be better gsp condit or diaz penn? and why?

  • frickshun

    Remember that time you lied to us about writing a really cool, funny book? Or the time you filmed Cote kicking the shit out of you & were going to post for our amusement? Or the time you said you’d convert all of the old forum posts into the “new” Fightlinker site. Or just recently when you said you’d start doing more interviews?

  • lukustra

    who do you think should fill out the rest of the UFC on FOX 1 card to make it as casual fan enjoyable as possible? (exciting fights)

  • kvelertak

    Nate Diaz as a title contender? Imagine if we had Nate and Nick as champions at the same time. 209 indeed.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Does Rashad really have as little chance as people think? Have we forgotten that the man is a middleweight who has fought at heavyweight and light heavy for most of his career against larger oponents and has only one defeat. He also has sparring/in cage experience dealing with Jones, those 2 facst alone should give him better chances than any opponent Bones has already faced.


    Or is Lyoto our only hope (even though Bones beat the last guys who whopped him) for a competitive fight against gods gift to mma?

    How long does Meisha Tate hold onto her belt or will she be able to take Kaufman down this time around instead of getting stuffed and peppered with jabs but for 2 extra rounds this time?

    How are you liking both Marvel and DC pressing the reset button on their major franchises, do you think their gambit to get new blood reading comics will work are is this only for people who are already reading/buying the damn things?


    I may harass Jake for spewing half facts (confusing Clive Owen for Collin Farrel, crying about Mayweathers legal “sucker punch” and then saying he would punch Alan Belcher in hs injured retina). But goddamit I have to give him props for calling Brookins wall n stall tactics what they really are: Neutralization. Fights need to be seen as moments of offense, defense and stalling or positive, negative and nuetral. Why is this such a hard concept to grasp, only award effective offense and defense techniques dammit.

  • glassjawsh

    my old lady fucked my boss, so i the last 2 weeks i’ve had to quit (one of) my job(s) and break up with that cum guzzling road whore.

    have you ever had a worse string of luck?

    edit: nevermind….the answer is obviously yes: from the time you started this website until now

    so i guess my question is: bitches….what the fuck man?

  • glassjawsh

    the dream.17 card was full of crazy jits displays (aoki, imanari/cullum, bibiano fernandez, minowaman and to a lesser extent kawajiri) do you think this has more to do with the level of competition those guys were facing or more because the rules over there dont allow wrestlers to ride out decisions from top control.

    also do you miss the 10 minute long first round?

  • G Funk

    What is going on with these iron fisted dictators that you appointed as chat moderators? Weren’t they allotted as a safety wall for crude douches when Roxy is around? It’s worse than Cuba, it’s North Korea!

    My forums button. Where it at?

  • lukustra

    also, do Rampage and Kongo think Ariel is a white woman?

  • lukustra

    and glassjaws.. wait, your chick fucked your boss? you cant be serious bro. thats probably the most vehment slap in the face with a giant black dick I could possibily imagine. I cant even comprehand how that feels.

  • CAP


  • glassjawsh

    get this. I hired the mother fucker and then recommended he take my position when i stepped down to go to grad school

  • CAP

    He took your position alright. What a douche and a bitch. Lame man.

  • SST

    That’s why you shouldn’t date gutter whores.

  • KeyboardWarrior

    ^^^This shit must only happen in America…

    Question: Why is Mazzagatti still reffing? Can’t Dana do ANYTHING about it? When I see him standing in the octagon before a fight I’m interested in, I feel there’s a big chance that he’s gonna do something stupid to ruin the outcome of the fight.

  • lukustra

    did you fuck this douches day up in any way? probably would’ve murdered his ass.

  • UberShmact

    I feel like people are throwing Gomi under a bus because he was smoked by Nate Diaz, but it’s not like he’s lost to scrubs since getting into the UFC. He’s been fighting solid names, what’s your thoughts on the The Fireball Kid.

    Mark Hunts almost Arm Bar, awesome?

  • GoldenArms

    GlassJawsh’s woman cheated on me with his boss? That bitch.