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Subo Says: UFC on Fox (1?) Wrap Up

-First point: I didn’t notice a number at the end of this event’s name.  Are numbering systems kaput?  Will we see a Versus-style “just name it after the headliners” theme in the future?  That seems unlikely, as it’s been confirmed that every Fox card going forward will air two fights (and clock in at 90 minutes – fingers crossed for at least the possiblity of more fights making air).  Just do the damn numbers – either integrate them with the PPV ones or start anew with Fox.  You didn’t spend all of these years conditioning us to dick with that now, did you?

-Second point: see the picture above.  Nothing short of a flat-out slobberknocker would have satisfied the hardcores, who looked forward to this day in the same way that morons anticipate the Second Coming.  This isn’t pro wrestling: scripting what happens is a one-way ticket to oblivion and the federal pen.  You put the best fighters in the world against each other again and again and you record what happens. 

-Dana White has caught some flack for doing the same thing he always does after a card (ie, offer half-assed analysis of the main event while loudly proclaiming that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about).  This time, he questioned why Cain was content to stand at distance with JDS instead of using his wrestling to try to secure an advantage.  Well, news flash, everyone: so was Cain.  He said after the fight that the game plan was to pressure and get in close, and that he just didn’t execute what they had practiced.  In addition to offering a more compelling fight and answering more questions (STILL don’t know how JDS reacts to elite-level wrestling), doing so would have saved us another round of indignant blog posts in reaction to the most mundane of repetitive occurances.

-Benson Henderson really is a beast, and so is Donald Cerrone.  Hendo’s recent triumphs over Jim Miller and Clay Guida have really taken some of the shame off of Cowboy’s 0-2 record against him; the guy is powerful, has great wrestling, is practically unsubmittable (prepares to e-mail dictionary in support of making that a word) and is putting time and energy into evolving his striking.  Bendo won’t be the biggest fighter or best wrestler that Frankie Edgar has ever faced, but his unique combination of attributes might be a tall order for the smaller champ.

-Anyone that doesn’t like Clay Guida can fuck off.

-I still think Pablo Garza is awesome – it’s just that Dustin Poirier is a better fighter right now.  Great performance by the Diamond.

-I was impossibly wasted for the Facebook portion of this card (I’m going to blame it on excitement for the event – I mean. the UFC was on Fox last night.  Wow.  Holy cow.  Can we just revel in that for a moment?  As Letibleu said in response to Polly’s post earlier, I miss just being a fan sometimes).  Thus, I invite all of YOU to give ME… uh… YOUR favorites in the comments.

  • Grappo

    favorite – henderson/guida

    least favorite – Kid coasting for the final moments of the fight instead of just throwing as hard as could until the bell. PUNCH MOTHERFUCKER!  He’d landed a nice shot with about 15 seconds left but never followed it up.   Great fight though.

  • frickshun

    Sup faggot. Good write-up. Very non-polarizing. I don’t get it.

    Fave moment: Realizing I FUCKING HAVE Fox Deportes right before the Bendo/Guida scrap, therefore rendering the laptop useful for the chat exclusively. Not only that but them damn goobacks had a full-fledged show going on only they spoke in gobbledygoop instead of murrican.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Due to a funeral I missed the show and only came in at the end.  But I was really excited for it and still enjoyed the replay of the [T]KO of Cain.  I can understand that people wanted a blockbuster show for the FOX debut, but people on the internet always want more.  Shit, people in general.  But I always saw this as a toe in the water kinda deal so maybe that’s why I’m not let down.

    Now I gotta scour the web looking for the fights I missed.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    I liked watching Caceres fight, he threw some pretty crazy strikes and looked solid on the mat. I know he’s fun to hate, but the kid’s been working. The first two FB fights were shit and then everything got better and better as the night went on.

    I had my laptop hooked up to the television, so it was pretty enjoyable and was still able to have people over without being glued to a computer. Also, fun fact: the fightlinker chat works perfectly on your iPhone. I was able to watch fights through the laptop/tv and FL chat on my iphone for the first few hours until people dropped over. Good times.

    On a different note, don’t you live in Colorado? The facebook portion would have been airing at like 2:30pm and you were “impossibly wasted”? That’s dedicated abuse right there my friend. I live in Toronto and I didn’t get to that level until the third round of Bendo/Guida roughly around 8:30pm – I don’t even really remember the Pacquiao fight!

  • subo

    Oh, and props to phoenix for the photo.

  • iamphoenix

    Cool thanks subes, i almost wrote an angry tweet. Bbbrraaa icckkss. Lamas sub waspretty cool. Ithink that happened. Also, the gracie breakdown on youtube

  • subo

    You shout tweet me anyway you twat

  • glassjawsh

    knew you couldnt resist slurping Cerrone. he will be exposed by lesser Diaz and you know it

  • subo


  • thingvolds

    “-Second point: see the picture above. Nothing short of a flat-out slobberknocker would have satisfied the hardcores, who looked forward to this day in the same way that morons anticipate the Second Coming. This isn’t pro wrestling: scripting what happens is a one-way ticket to oblivion and the federal pen. ”

    subo once again displays his total lack of understanding of the mma fan base, and the sport as a whole.

    hardcores don’t need a slobberknocker to satisfy them, that is why they are hardcores. hardcores are people who have been following the sport for years, and have developed a deep appreciation for technique, dominating performances due to superior skill, and the fact that anything can happen at any second is what makes the sport intriguing. it is the noobs, like subo once was, that aren’t satified with anything less than a sloppy slobberknocker where someone must get knocked unconscious and left in a bloody pile by their favorite fighter. in this case, the noobs were upset simply because the zuffa hype machine was able to convince them that their mexican hero was acually something more than a one and done champion.

    “his isn’t pro wrestling: scripting what happens is a one-way ticket to oblivion and the federal pen.”

    ufc and zuffa have stolen or borrowed so many wwe / vince mcmahon angles and strategies over the years that it would take up and entire chapter of a book. and the fact you’re so sure that there is no hehind the scenes scripting or at least influence in what will happen in the odd match or two exposes your obvious naivety yet again.

  • glassjawsh

    make the bet then derek

  • subo

    Bet’s made.  Cerrone by whatever he feels like on Dec 30.

    vold, if you think these things are fixed, then you’re pathetic for watching.  I wouldn’t watch it if I suspected it was fixed (which is why i swore off the NBA for a while after the Lakers+Refs beat the Nuggets in the WC Finals).  The hardcores are bitching about this fight way, way more than anyone else is.

  • kvelertak

    Clay guida sucks, almost as bad as your writing.

  • SST

    I’m glad Guido will never get a title shot.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    What happens to the loser in this Jawsh/Subo bet?  Please don’t Rebellion this shit into the ground.

  • ghostboner

    Piss bet!!! I wouldn’t say Cerrone by whatev, I don’t see him subbing Diaz. I would say Cerrone by tko.

    My favorite part was the Caceres fight. He showed some dramatic improvement. He also showed why a karate black belt is almost worthless.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Word, Here it is for those that don’t visit the forums: 

    subo finally agrees to ruin his future via urine

  • subo

    Caceres was my biggest surprise of the night. Thought for sure he’d get schooled.  

  • Blackula Jonez

    Don’t know if Bruce Leroy is good or if Escovedo shit the bed, the next fight will tell.

  • KTFO

    This fgt is still writing for the site?

  • matthewpolly

    Not to disagree with my friend and colleague, Subo, but I remember the event being promoted as “UFC on Fox 1″. I remember because I thought, “That’s a little awkward. I wonder how they’ll deal with the numbering in the future.” Having googled the internets it is clear that the “Fox 1″ was not universally noticed or promoted. That may be the cause for the confusion. But I’d be very surprised if the next Fox show wasn’t “UFC on Fox 2″. It is still awkward, but I’d be even more surprised if the UFC doesn’t do it.

  • Reverend Clint

    not unlike the nintendo ultra 64

  • lukustra

    anyone who IS a Guida fan is the fucking definition of mma toolbag. a twitching douche who does nothing but throw dumbass overhand rights that dont even come remotely close to landing and then attempts to hug his opponents to death. “WOAH! hes so exciting, man! I mean, look at him, it LOOKS like hes constantly doing something even though hes not!”

  • lukustra

    “…and holy crap! He has cardio for days! It means so much to me that he could fight for 18 rounds without ever punching his opponent because this is in fact a marathon and not an mma match or something!”