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Suckage part deux.

I was having such beautiful dreams of a Wanderlei Silva vs Tito Ortiz matchup for UFC 78 that when I saw an e-mail from the UFC announcing UFC 78 presales I squealed like a little girl. Opening that email was a pretty big disappointment though. No gargantuan heads stared back at me at all. In fact, there were no fighters named in the email whatsoever. The only reference to a name was ROGAN, the promotional code referencing Joe Rogan.

Man, that’s sad.

**UPDATE** What is also sad is that I can’t keep my UFC numbers straight. All references to 77 have been replaced with 78s. Thanks Kris for pointing out what a doof I am!

  • Kris

    I think you mean UFC 78, but you know they’re desperate when the “secret” code is your announcer’s name.

  • Frank

    Maybe the “secret” is Rogan vs. Snipes dun dun dun

  • Kris

    I have a tendency of making people look bad :)

  • Thomas

    Rogan puts on a grappling exhibition with Eddie Bravo??
    Or maybe Rogan takes on random fans and celebrities as the main event

  • Andrew

    I’ve been wondering about UFC 78 since they put tickets on sale without even announcing who will be fighting. I find that extremely odd. Anyway, I have a feeling they are trying to put together a BJ Penn – Takanori Gomi rematch for the vacant LW belt. Now that would be a pleasant suprise, no?

  • fightlinker