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Surprise, Fedor’s still doughy

That pic of Fedor and Hendo from a couple days ago got this sewing-circle we call the MMA media chatting about how Fedor was looking decidedly less pudgy than usual.  Had he finally ditched his presumably ice creamy and surely delicious diet in favor of cabbage soup?  Was this a sign of how serious he was taking this fight, of him finally changing his ways, and perhaps gearing up for a run at the 205-lb division where he really belongs?

Well, not so fast, kiddies.  A couple behind-the-scenes pics from yesterday’s Showtime photo shoot were posted on Strikeforce’s Facebook page, and it now appears that Fedor’s nationalistic t-shirt was probably just well-fitted and slimming.  These pics ain’t exactly high-resolution, but it definitely looks like while he might be slightly leaner now, his physique is still the same “everyman” doughyness that we’re used to seeing.  Oh well, I guess some folks never change.

One more pic after the jump:

  • CAP

    50% less muffin top. War Fedor. I’ll be curious to see what he weighs in at.

    Damn Hendo has a chin on him in the second pic.

  • Letibleu

    He lost weight. Shows especially in his shoulders/neck/jawline. He isn’t Jon Jones thin, but his muffin top as mentioned by cap is less pronounced. I am going to assume he is close to 220-215.

    Is it just me or is Hendo the only fighter that actually resembles his action figure with the exaggerated chin?

  • kvelertak

    his love handles aren’t as curved out. it just looks like a layer of fat over his muscle. His overall tone is tighter.

  • frickshun

    Definitely less doughy. Still gonna beat Hendo. Still gonna get hated on. Still not giving him back his sweater. MUHUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • CAP

    If Fedor loses his only future with Zuffa is at 205. Ariel asked him if he brought the sweater in an interview. He did not. This does not bode well for him this weekend.

  • DJ ThunderElbows


    And where the fuck have you guys been?  Hendo’s chin has been retarded 4evah.  It’s like BJ’s jaw knocked up Faber.

  • kvelertak

    God I wish Fedor would drop to 205. He’d murder the broken down UFC division if he trained and upgraded his game a bit.

    Jones vs Fedor would be amazing.

  • frickshun

    ^^No it wouldn’t.

    And yes, I’m a Fedor fan.